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Here is a Facebook dating review. A lot of us, mostly Facebook users have been hearing a lot about the dating feature that has been released on the platform for over 4 years now, and that is where we are drawing out our title from Facebook Dating review. Although there have been a lot of reviews made by different content writers on the internet so far.

What you will be reading here now is not different from what you have been hearing before, just that there are things you need to know as well.

Facebook Dating Review

Facebook Dating Review

Just as said that the content you will be seeing inside this article is not different from the ones which you have already seen before. There is this thing that most users don’t know about the Facebook dating feature that is on that platform.

A lot of us who are new to this feature think that the service is a paid feature but no, the Facebook dating app or feature is never a paid service. It is free to all users, as long it is available in your country or region.

Facebook Dating

The dating system has been in existence since the year 2018, just that it was only limited to some amount of countries then. But now large numbers of countries and users can make use of the system, if you can find the dating app on your Facebook account, know that it is not yet available or brought down to your country.

Facebook has made it so amazing for us the user of the platform in such a way to seek or look for love or online relationship. Before now, we all understand that not everyone has the courage of meeting someone who may be on the roadside and start talking about a relationship with him or her.

Facebook Dating App 2021

Speaking of the dating app most of us do think it is a downloadable app but shock to let you know. The dating app which Facebook has brought or introduce into the system is not downloadable just as you may have thought it is.

I know a lot of people have been talking about and mentioning this app for Facebook dating. What I want every one of us here to understand is this, the app is not downloadable. You can only download the app once you download the Facebook latest mobile app.

But if you have the official of Fb, you can just go to your app store in other to update it instead of downloading a new one.

Facebook Dating Profile

What do you understand by the word “Facebook Dating Profile”, do the dating profile has to do with a new Fb account, or can you make use of your old Fb account? One more thing about the dating review is that you need to be above the age of 18+ if you must access or make use of the dating app on Facebook.

For you to set up a dating profile on Facebook, you don’t need any other Facebook account, with your old account you can set up your dating account or profile for free. Quickly let check out the steps to set up your dating profile quick.

Facebook Dating Account how to Setup

This is the part where you will be reviewed on how you can set up your dating account or profile on your Facebook account.

  • Visit their website facebook.com or access the Fb mobile app.
  • Looking at the top of your homepage, you will find the dating icon there and you can click on it to proceed. But if you don’t see it there, you can tap on the menu icon on the app or switch to your profile page if you are using the Facebook web version. You are going to find the dating app there and you can just click.
  • Next is for you to click get started and proceed with all the boxes by filling the boxes there.
  • Once you are done with all the boxes, you can now click or tap on the last button below to complete the request of creating your dating profile.

These are all the instructions you will be needing to make your dating account. Note these, you must have a Facebook account before you can set up or access the dating system on the site.

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