7 Exterior Home Remodels – Which Adds the Most Value?

7 Exterior Home Remodels, A home’s outward appearance directly impacts interior value and while granite counters and spa bathrooms dazzle inside, a property makes its first impression through exterior aesthetics long before reaching the front door.

7 Exterior Home Remodels
7 Exterior Home Remodels

Premium remodeling projects amplifying curb appeal and functionality from siding upgrades to landscape overhauls pay off tremendously for homeowners investing wisely.

Certain exterior touch-ups not only beautify homes from the streetscape but also deliver outsized returns on investment when executed well to match neighborhood norms. Think of a well-placed garage addition or open-concept patio more than minor cosmetics like shutters. Strategic renovations prove worth their higher price tags by boosting livability and buyer desirability, thus house appraisals.

7 Exterior Home Remodels

For homeowners seeking exterior upgrades yielding maximum resale value, a few project types stand above the rest thanks to their high visibility blended with protective properties shielding homes long-term. While not a comprehensive list, focusing efforts and budgets on these seven external remodels in particular promises to amplify eventual sale prices beyond their costs – with some additions escalating home values exponentially.

New Roof Equals Lasting Curb & Structural Appeal

A roof represents a home’s crowning glory. This essential structural element defends against exterior dangers from weather to pests while radiating aesthetic curb appeal or eyesore status seen from streets away depending on its state. Unfortunately, roofs also remain largely out of sight and mind until problems materialize through drips inside or rapidly eroding shingles outside alerting owners to decay.

Replacing an aging roof pays dividends through bolstered structural integrity ensuring real estate remains watertight for decades to come. Roof choice directly affects durability. Today’s asphalt options last 20 to 30 years thanks to advanced chemistry boosting longevity. Tile and metal roofs extend even longer to 40 or 50 years but cost more upfront.

The scale of reroofing projects means bigger outlays, however, the expenditures reliably recoup an incredible average 107% ROI per the “Remodeling Impact Report” by the NAR – with region, materials, and the scope of repairs all shaping costs and subsequent home value lift post-replacement. This exponential resale value escalation makes roof refreshes one of the smartest plays available when aiming for maximum returns.

Stylish Garage Doors Amplify Curb Allure

Similar to a home’s front entry door, the garage door equally establishes meaningful aesthetic first impressions for visitors and buyers evaluating properties from the curb. Yet the far larger scale of these barriers spanning 16 feet across typically gains disproportionate influence in dialing up home exterior character or showing signs of age through faded paint, sagging panels, or rust around edges. Modernizing matters.

Midrange two-car garage door replacements in steel, composite, acrylic, or glass cost around $3,500 on average yet yield resale value returns of up to 85% according to the “Cost vs. Value Report” by Hanley Wood Media. Likewise, doors integrating energy-efficient insulation earn back 75% equity on average. Design choices ranging from raised panel profiles to frosted window panes boost appeal compared to plain flat slab counterparts.

Replacing outdated electric openers with WiFi-enabled models also proves smart, luring tech-oriented buyers through app controls, video feeds, and responsive safety sensors reversing operation if objects are underfoot – all considerable upgrades over dated disappearing door styles lacking in both aesthetic and digital features primetime buyers now expect.

Siding Sets the Foundation of Facade Appeal

After roofing crowns structures, sidings clad the body of homes defining aesthetic identity along community streetscapes. Traditional brickwork and cottage-style shakes may endure for generations if well-maintained – but when siding succumbs, replacing the facade builds renewed real estate glory. Many dread going house naked mid-construction. Yet new exterior surfaces add lasting protection, efficiency, and streetside wow factor.

Property owners expect incredible ROI from siding replacement thanks to the scale of the project dialing up home values exponentially after installation based on national statistics – particularly with higher-end solutions like brick and stone veneers or fiber cement boards. New siding improves insulation which buyers note. Moreover, realty sites relay that each 1% tweaked towards exterior appeal adds a 1% lift to the listing price.

For budget vinyl options gaining realistic textures boosting appeal, plan on around 70% ROI nationally. Fiber cement siding replacements average closer to 78% equity returns owing to greater durability, and fire and pest resistance. Weighing options against initial layouts and lifelong savings plus resale value shows certain projects provide a worthwhile foundation.

Steel Entry Doors Extend Open-Armed Welcome

As the doorway transitions visitors from outside environs into interior sanctums, the brushed bronze or glass-enclosed entrance proves pivotal in guests’ first impressions. Warped doors sagging into frames hardly do homes justice whereas crisp tailored options extend open-armed welcomes with clean lines and modern accoutrements integrating locks seamlessly into side panels avoiding visible bolting.

Entry door replacements cost around $1,200 including installation of pre-hung options and simplifying processes of fitting doors to existing jambs which may also require replacement when warped or weather-damaged. Therma-Tru brands offer fine fitments finished precisely flat without uneven seams glaring on inspection. Replacing aged doors restores security and satisfaction while buyers appreciate this pivotal first touchpoint in reviewing properties ultimately amplifying home values exponentially.

Fresh Paint Jobs Become Facade Facelifts

A fresh coat of exterior paint revitalizes home aesthetics faster than nearly any other remodeling project thanks to the broad visual impact from transforming not just doors and trim but also walls, foundations, shutters – even fences or exterior flooring depending on how far you take the facelift. Professional painters charge an average of $0.86 per square foot pointedly driving national averages around $2,000. But reasonable DIY efforts still refreshing facade paint still average under $0.60 per square foot.

The scale of transformation unlocked by mere gallons of quality exterior paint delivers astonishing average resale ROI between 107% to 157%, according to the National Association of Realtors 2022 data. The colors, sheens and special treatments chosen escalate appeal even further through contrasts. Deep charcoals lend modern richness while crisp whites keep colonial farmhouses lighthearted. Specialty paints like brick or stone finishes prove cost-effective “veneers” adding luxury visible from sidewalks without undergoing full masonry overhauls.

Window & Door Replacements Reap Energy Efficiency

Windows welcoming sunlight inside while framing views outdoors require periodic replacement as seals and frames slowly surrender to time and temperature changes. Buyers appreciate modern window styles including casements cranking open wide to invite fresh air readily inside. Large fixed panes also edge nearer to walls expanding light-filled rooms.

Investing in energy-efficient models combining double or triple insulated glass with protective films blocking UV rays earns back approximately 70% equity on average for midrange vinyl products or higher-end wood window restorations. This efficiency keeps heating and cooling costs lower year round while cutting outdoor noise permeating inside. Replacing a combination of windows and doors together amplifies resale potential even further compared to piecemeal upgrades.

Landscape Investments Escalate Curb Allure

While luxury landscaping builds idyllic retreats for personal enjoyment, even smaller-scale lawn makeovers adding artistry gain outsized influence boosting perceived home values by exponentially escalating curb appeal. Well-executed landscape design elevates ordinary properties through welcoming walkways guiding guests to and from entries. Flowering bushes, stone formations, and accent lighting add polish. A fresh landscaping layout costs around $15,000 but nets 20% ROI nationally.

Resale resources confirm each dollar directed towards landscaping returns real estate riches through heightened buyer competition and amplified appraisals thanks to the transformative effect thoughtful exterior designs assert for strangers’ first impressions. Hire pros for big builds, or stick to DIY flower beds, pots, and pavers still providing powerful aesthetic punches. Exterior environments matter deeply for interior values thanks to a human affinity for natural vistas softening manmade structures into livable homes.


While interior details certainly close deals, exterior designs determine whether buyers ever step inside homes at all when initially judging properties from the curb. A home’s outer shell therefore requires equal parts aesthetic and functional renovations to attract ideal buyers ready to see full potential rather than cosmetic eyesores.

By leading with revitalized rooflines down through doors, strategically renovating exteriors sets up interiors for exponentially greater appraised values. The power of great first impressions compounds, making properly planned external facelifts lucrative investments.



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