7 Budget-Friendly Costco Buys Under $50 You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

When shopping at Costco, it’s easy to assume everything must come with a hefty price tag given the warehouse club’s reputation for bulk sizing. However, comb through the aisles or scroll their website, and you’ll discover an impressive array of affordable gems for $50 or less.

Budget-Friendly Costco Buys Under $50

From upgrading your home’s comforts to stocking up on summer fun, these budget-friendly buys maximize value without sacrificing quality. Get ready to revamp your shopping list because once you discover these top thrifty picks, you’ll wish you knew about them sooner!

Key Takeaways:

  • Upgrade pet beds, kitchen tools, and home goods for under $50
  • Find discounted seasonal outdoor accessories like lights and water toys
  • Score savings on popular apparel brands like Skechers sneakers
  • Take advantage of limited-time deals through early summer

7 Budget-Friendly Costco Buys Under $50

Costco offers a wide range of products that provide great value for their price. If you’re looking to make the most of your membership without spending a fortune, here are seven budget-friendly buys under $50 that you shouldn’t miss.

Kirkland Signature Memory Foam Pet Bed ($29.99 – $39.99)

If your furry friend’s sad old dog bed is past its prime, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Bolstered Pet Beds offer a luxe upgrade at a fraction of the cost. Available in standard ($29.99) or cuddler ($39.99) styles, these cozy nests feature:

  • Shredded memory foam fill for superior comfort
  • Bolstered walls to provide security and contain the stuffing
  • Machine-washable covers in neutral colors like slate gray

With multiple sizes available, you can affordably create the perfect snooze spot customized for pets large or small.

Orgain Vegan Protein Shake 18-Pack ($28.99)

Plant-based nutrition can get pricey, but Costco helps make it budget-friendly with this bulk discount on premium Orgain vegan protein shakes. This $28.99 pack of 18 delivers:

  • 20 grams of clean, organic plant protein per serving
  • Just 150 calories and 1 gram of sugar in each bottle
  • A blend of 20+ fruits, vegetables and nutrient extracts

At $1.61 per shake, it’s one of the lowest prices available for these nutritious, ultra-portable meal replacements or post-workout refreshers. Grab a pack to easily increase your protein intake without breaking the bank.

Zuru Reusable Bunch O Balloons ($34.99 with $10 discount)

Make summer splash zones more sustainable with these clever reusable Bunch O Balloons from Zuru. They eliminate plastic waste while allowing kids to endlessly refill, seal and splatter these self-sealing water balloons.

Key features include:

  • Unique pull-apart magnetic design for easy opening and closing
  • Ability to quickly fill multiple balloons simultaneously in a bucket
  • $10 instant savings knocking the set down to just $34.99

The offer lasts through May 27th, so beat the heat and stock up on these eco-friendly outdoor toys affordably.

Skechers Men’s Slip-On Sneakers ($31.99)

Casual, comfy footwear often comes at a premium, but these Skechers Men’s Glide Lite Pacers deliver both style and value. Available in classic navy or black at just $31.99 after a $6 discount, these:

  • Feature Skechers’ ultra-go insoles for daylong cushioning
  • Utilize soft mesh fabrics and lightweight, rubber traction outsoles
  • Are eligible for bigger bundled savings when buying 5+ clothing items

Snag a summer-ready pair of versatile slip-ons or maximize the discount by bundling with other warm-weather apparel needs.

Sunforce 36ft Solar String Lights ($39.99)

Create an enchanting outdoor ambiance without running up your electric bill using these solar-powered Sunforce string lights, available for $39.99 after a limited $10 discount through May 31st.

With an impressive 36-foot length strung with 18 large bulbs, these:

  • Provide ample illumination for pathways, patios, or gathering spaces
  • Include a solar panel for sustainable, no-outlet-needed operation
  • Can be hung or mounted almost anywhere sun exposure

Level up your home’s curb appeal and summer entertaining affordably with these long-lasting, zero-operating-cost lights.

Cuisinart 12-Piece Kitchen Tool Set ($49.99)

Refresh your cooking arsenal with Cuisinart’s high-quality, versatile 12-piece gadget set. At just $49.99 online (with potential for lower in-warehouse pricing), this kit packs a full house of must-have utensils, including:

  • Stainless balloon whisk and ladle
  • Pizza cutter, grater, and sturdy spatula
  • Assorted tongs, ice cream scoop and more

With all the essentials covered, you’ll be incentivized to dine in more and avoid pricey restaurant tabs. Plus, the fully dishwasher-safe construction simplifies cleanup.

Berkshire Life Heated Throw Blanket ($34.99)

As warmer temps finally arrive, now’s the ideal time to score deals on cold-weather comforts like these sumptuous heated throw blankets from Berkshire Life. For just $34.99, you’ll cozy up with:

  • Ultra-plush heated fleece with four adjustable temperature settings
  • Safety auto-off function kicking in after four hours
  • A welcome touch of toastiness that may help reduce heating bills

Toss one over your lap as you curl up to stream your favorite shows. Or stash a set around the house for when guests come over and crave an extra layer of warmth.

Throw Blanket Features Price
Berkshire Life Heated, 4 Settings, Auto Shutoff $34.99
Woolly Mammoth Reversible Plush Mink/Sherpa $27.99
Mountain Trail Water-Resistant, Down Alternative $19.99


AnytingFrom pampered pet accessories to cozy home upgrades, budget-minded shoppers can score some amazing steals at Costco if they know where to look. Indulge in premium kitchen brands, trade up to more effective heating and cooling solutions, or load up on outdoor living essentials—all for $50 or less per item.

What’s more, many of these smart buys even save you money long-term through decreased utility costs or fewer restaurant meals needed. So next time you pop into Costco, be sure to have this affordable shopping cheat sheet on hand. Because snagging this caliber of quality goods for such reasonable prices? That’s a dream combo you’ll wish you knew about way sooner!

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