6 Critical Guide to your Social Media Strategy

6 Critical Guide to your Social Media Strategy. Social media strategy has worked to create a framework that governors what the initiative aims to achieve. Let’s see what social media strategy is.

6 Critical Guide to your Social Media Strategy

What is a Social Media Strategy?

Social media strategy is a summary of the whole thing you plan to do and the confidence to achieve on social media. With media strategy, you can guide your actions and let you know if you are succeeding or failing.

Every brand and business needs a custom social media strategy based on their current social media standing, goal, and resources available to them.

6 Critical Guide to your Social Media Strategy

In this article, I will be talking about 6 critical guides of your social media strategy:

Focus on your Business Goal

You need to focus on one goal for a while, and then change objective later. Trying to do many things in social media muddles your message and confuses your fans. Don’t try to tackle multiple goals simultaneously.

There are only 3 business goals on social media, they are:

Sales: sales means using social media to create first-time customers or to introduce your goods

Brand Enthusiasm: they help to turn customers into fans, and also drive repeat purchases

Loyalty: they decrease customer churn, improving customer service.

Describe the Business

You need to figure out the type of business you want to do, but if don’t describe the prices value proposition of the brands in a sentence, you need to figure that out first before you start.

Figure out How Viewers Use Social Media

For your business to grow fast you need to figure out how viewers use social media. There is a good way to see how you compare, and can also be helpful in identifying industry standards, trends, and threats.

You need to include a list of all platforms they are on; how active they are and what type of content they are sharing. You can include a search on how many followers do they compare to you, so that you can work your way out.

Build a Content Strategy for the Type of Post you Will Share

With a strategy framework outlined, you can start to detail the tactics required to engage your ideal customer, reach your goals, stand out from the competition, and reinforce your brand.

Social media content should be a mix of different types of content. One helpful guideline is the Rule of Thirds, which states that content should be ⅓ promotional, ⅓ curated, and ⅓ engagement based. Next, create a calendar to identify key dates and authentic opportunities to share content from each category.

Create a Reporting Plan

You need to set up a reporting plan to track results. A nice report will show progress over time. Companies are investing more and more into social media programs; a lot are still struggling to improve the channel’s impact.

A study was made by eMarketer uncovered that 6 out of 1o small businesses find it difficult to track the ROI from their social media marketing efforts.

How You Will Measure Success

To make a success in your business, you need to pick three metric that matter to your company, and measure them consistently and well. You will have to establish before your social media program starts.

If want to get more granular, there are dozens of potential success metrics like share of voice in social media, blog posts and tweets, comments, fans/friends in your social media outposts, etc.


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