3 Reasons to Start Using Online Phone Numbers

3 Reasons to Start Using Online Phone Numbers

Many internet users have heard of such a thing as online phone numbers which are also often referred to as virtual. It is widely used when there is a need to deal with mobile verification without using a personal number as the solution, register multiple accounts on the same service or preserve more confidentiality on the web. But still, there are those who do not know much about the benefits that virtual numbers bring to the table and due to this deny themselves the use of this option. So there are the most significant reasons that make using this feature worth it.

3 Reasons to Start Using Online Phone Numbers

Easy to get

The best part of virtual phone numbers is their general accessibility. It is not necessary to have special permission, own a large business, or work for a famous technological company in order to start getting and using them. There is no need for any of this. Virtual numbers are available for every person regardless of his or her social status, financial possibilities, country of residence, and other factors.

To benefit from such a tool it is enough to visit one of many online services like sms-man.com. They are available on the internet and work in automatic mode so there are never any issues with accessing them whether it is daytime or deep at night. In addition, platforms of this kind are designed to be user-friendly. Operating them for the purpose of getting an online phone number is really easy even for newcomers.

Increased Confidentiality

Data hacks and leaks are rapidly becoming commonplace for online resources. This even applies to large and popular platforms such as Facebook. For this reason, nowadays it is pretty important to protect your privacy when surfing the internet as much as possible and virtual numbers are a great way to do this. It is all because of the fact they:

  • Do not require providing personal data. There is no need to disclose your identity to obtain a virtual phone number. It stays completely hidden.
  • Cannot be tracked. Finding out the location of the person using a virtual number is impossible with any existing tools. Moreover, there is also nothing wrong with using numbers from one country while located in another which makes it even more private.
  • Have no connections to their users. Trying to identify the person that uses a virtual phone number is not the way to go. This feature says completely nothing about its user.

Summing up the above, it is obvious that virtual numbers are a great tool for increasing privacy when using various online services. But there is one more significant reason to start using them that definitely deserves attention.

Possibility to Register Unlimited Accounts

There are many websites and applications that require users to verify their mobile numbers during account registration. Because of this, it is not technically possible to create on them more than one profile having a single SIM card on hand. You can try to deal with it by getting more SIM cards but it will not be as effective as using virtual phone numbers for this purpose.

First of all, virtual numbers are much cheaper. Their cost does rarely exceed the one-dollar mark. But the most important thing about such a feature as an online phone number in this regard is that there are no quantitative limitations on its usage. You can get as many numbers as needed and thus register basically unlimited accounts on any online service.


Online phone numbers are a great solution when it is not possible to use a personal number as well as if there is a need to register multiple accounts or simply become more private on the internet. They are easy to get and activate, cheap in comparison, and most importantly private. So using them might be useful in a lot of situations and definitely worth it.


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