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The 2016 US Election Results was the 58th quadrennial American presidential election, endured Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The Republican ticket of businessman Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence defeated the Democratic ticket of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. Read more on this article to get the information about the past 2016 US Election Results.

2016 US Election Results

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2016 US Election Results

While Clinton received about 2.9 million more votes nationwide, a margin of two.1% of the whole cast, Trump won a victory within the body, winning 30 states with 306 pledged electors out of 538, and overturned the perennial swing states of Florida, Iowa, and Ohio, still because of the “blue wall” of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which had been Democratic strongholds in presidential elections since the 1990s. Leading up to the election, a Trump victory was projected unlikely by most media forecasts.

2016 US Election Date

In the body vote on December 19 which was the 2016 US Election day, there have been seven faithless electors; two defected from Trump while five defected from Clinton. Three other Clinton electors attempted to defect but were replaced or forced to vote again because of their respective state laws. Ultimately, Trump received 304 electoral votes and Clinton garnered 227, while general won three, and John Kasich, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, and Faith Spotted Eagle each received one.

2016 US Election Data

Trump became the fifth person in U.S. history to become president despite losing the nationwide popular vote. he’s the primary president with none prior experience publicly service, while Clinton was the primary woman to be the presidential nominee of a significant American Party.

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2016 Election Results

Here is a table showing the result of the past held United State Election vote count:

CandidatePartyElectoral VotesPopular Votes
Donald J. TrumpRepublican30462,980,160


Hillary R. ClintonDemocratic22765,845,063


Gary JohnsonLibertarian04,488,931


Jill SteinGreen01,457,050


Evan McMullinIndependent0728,830


2016 US Election Facts

Here are some lists of facts recorded on the US Election held in the year 2016:

  • Issues of the Day: Health care costs, Economic inequality, Terrorism, policy (Russia, Iran, Syria, Brexit), regulating, Treatment of minorities, Immigration policy, Shifting media landscape
  • One of only 5 elections (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, 2016) where the favored vote winner was defeated
  • Hillary Clinton’s first female presidential nominee of a serious party.
  • Clinton won Maine but Trump earned an electoral vote by winning the popular select the 2nd dominion. This marked the primary time that Maine has split its electoral vote since it moved far away from the winner-take-all method in 1972.
  • Independent Evan McMullin received 21.5% of the take Utah; best ‘3rd party’ performance in any single state since Ross Perot in 1992.
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson received over 3% of the nationwide vote; the best 3rd party performance nationwide since Ross Perot in 1996.
  • There were seven faithless presidential electors. other than 1872 – the death of Greeley – it’s the best number since electors began casting one vote each for president and vice-chairman (12th Amendment, 1804). Three additional faithless votes, one each in Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota, were disallowed.
  • Clinton won Washington; however, three electors cast votes for a National leader, one for Faith Spotted Eagle.
  • Trump won Texas; however, one elector cast a vote for Ron Paul, another for John Kasich.
  • Clinton won Hawaii; however, one elector cast a vote for Bernie Sanders.

After all deals and done, Trump later won the 2016 US Election has was titled, President Donald Trump. More information can be found on Google.

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