20 Best Podcasts – List of 20 Best Podcast to Listen to Right Now

Let’s consider and focus on the 20 Best Podcasts in this article. Podcasts have exploded into our culture. And is a wonderful process of entertaining oneself while in other activities like commuting, traveling, or working out.

20 Best Podcasts

We checked out the most recent crop of podcasts, covering a variety of topics from sports to politics to pop culture to news to identity to daily life.

All of these podcasts are available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices likewise as in a browser. Read more on this article as we will be discussing the 20 Best Podcasts.

20 Best Podcasts

The term podcast is and always has been a misnomer. Podcasts are not exclusive to iPods or a specific device. Like other on-demand content, podcasts can be accessed and operated on nearly every platform.

All you would be required to do is to download a podcast app, like Pocket Casts or Castbox. You can even get most podcasts from the podcast app associated websites.

List of 20 Best Podcast

The Read

New York City transplants Kid Fury and Crissle chat about hip-hop, politics, and popular culture. While bonding over adapting to life within the city that never sleeps.

Their biting commentary on The Read is very entertaining with targets including reality show stars and Oprah, but never Beyoncé. Tune into the Wakanda Forever episode to urge their insights about Marvel’s Black Panther.

Pod Save America

Produced by the cleverly named Crooked Media, Pod Save America is that the brainchild of former staffers of President Obama’s White House. The mission of the podcast is to debate politics “the way actual people talk,” amidst nonstop cable news coverage, Twitter.

And therefore, the rash of faux news that’s everywhere on the web. While the hosts lean leftward, they are not afraid to speak about where Democrats went wrong in 2016. Get their combat the NFL “take the knee” controversy within the “Stick to Sports” episode, and their thoughts about the NRA, Robert Mueller’s investigation, and more in weekly discussions.

The Daily

Hosted by journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily covers one story each weekday in about 20 minutes. Guests include journalists like Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush also as story subjects.

Notable episodes include a ‘fake news’ story that transformed the tiny town of dual Falls, Idaho, and a deep dive into the Bill O’Reilly harassment scandal.

Code Switch – 20 Best Podcasts

Code Switch explores race and ethnicity and the way it all weaves into different parts of our lives. From places of worship to the business of selling marijuana legally to the terrible events that happened in Charlottesville, VA within the summer of 2017.

Hosted by five journalists of color, Code Switch dissects the complicated news and events happening everywhere in the country. And illuminates the lives and voices of these that we do not always hear as loudly as others. An episode from February 17, 2018, explores why positive stereotypes aren’t necessarily an honest thing.

2 Dope Queens – 20 Best Podcasts

Hosted by writer and actress Phoebe Robinson and former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams. 2 Dope Queens maybe a live show, podcast, and HBO limited series, featuring their favorite comedians and candid discussions about sex, hair, race, and life in New York City.

From bikini lines to the various faces of Nicolas Cage, season 3 will cause you to laugh aloud. This podcast has two spinoffs: So Many White Guys and Late Night Whenever.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Have you ever wanted to inform the reality when someone asks “how are you?” Unless you truly do “fine,” this question usually results in an empty exchange. This podcast features guests who open up about their pain and loss.

Host and author Nora McInerny describe herself as a “notable widow.” In one episode of Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Nora, affected by insomnia, goes to Twitter to poll listeners about what keeps them up in the dark. Newer episodes include one about sibling support systems and another about an uncertain pregnancy.

Reply All

If you’re hooked on Internet culture and end up getting lost in Reddit forums and social media threads, Reply All will feed your need. The creators mine the online for private stories, like a person who wants to show his family’s struggle with cancer into a computer game.

And dig deep into mundane-sounding topics, like domain names, that are anything but dull. In early 2017, news broke that Robert Downey Jr. would star during a movie supported episode #86, Man of the People. A recent piece features a writer who’s looking for the Bitcoin she bought several years ago.

How to Be a woman

Hosted by a Seattle-based single mother and her eight-year-old transgender daughter, the way to Be a woman is a few families that are just trying to work it all out. The podcast started when Marlo (not her real name) began recording their conversations and her daughter’s quips.

Marlo uses the podcast partially to teach people about transgender kids and to guard families against intrusive (if well-meaning) questions and comments. subscribe the way to Be a woman on iTunes or add it to your RSS feed; we recommend ranging from the start.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Bill Simmons may be a sports columnist, founder, and CEO of The Ringer, a blog and podcast network. And therefore, the former host of HBO’s Any Given Wednesday. His self-named podcast covers sports and popular culture, and where it converges, like the Rocky movies.

It features interviews with celebrities, athletes, and journalists, and sometimes delves into that tough to avoid topic: politics. A recent episode features comedian Larry Wilmore talking about the L.A. Lakers among other things.

How Did This Get Made?

There’s something magical about movies that are so, so terrible, but such a lot of fun to observe. We’ve all asked the question posed by this podcast’s title “How Did This Get Made?” The podcasters screen and pan the films that are so bad they’re good (think would-be horror flick Lake Placid) both in-studio and infrequently live.

Learn more about the rubbish Pail Kids movie (we previously didn’t know of its existence) during a live episode featuring Jon Lovett from Pod Save America. During a February episode, the hosts of two Dope Queens, come to speak about Freejack, a 1992 fantasy movie.


We typically associate podcasts with stories, like Serial, or conversations, like Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. But Homecoming harkens back to old radio stories. With its fictional thriller starring actors Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross.

The experience of taking note of the podcast is a smaller amount about the plot than it’s about enjoying the performances, chemistry, and character development.

The Hilarious World of Depression

Supported partially by the Make It OK campaign, The Hilarious World of Depression talks to comedians that suffer from the disease. With the goal of removing the stigma of mental disease. It also serves to assist people that have depression know that they’re not alone.

Gilmore Guys

If you’re keen on watching TV, reading recaps, and dissecting episodes online, Gilmore Guys are going to be a treat. One host may be a diehard Gilmore Girls fan, while the opposite is new the show. Together they analyze every episode of the show including the recent Netflix installments.

Whether you watched the show in real-time or simply started streaming, this podcast will bring you all the intel that Stars Hollow and its zany characters need to offer. Episodes in 2018 delve into the Netflix show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” another creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Ctrl Alt Delete

London-based Emma Gannon talks to a huge array of guests–actors, writers, and other creatives. About how social media and therefore the web infiltrate their lives and careers. Named after her first book, which has the tagline “How I Grew Up Online,” the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast benefits from Emma’s high energy and enthusiasm. As she gets guests to share their best stories and advice.

Crimetown – 20 Best Podcasts

If you liked the primary season of Serial and were disappointed that the second season did not have an equivalent level of suspense, Crimetown might be just the podcast for you.

In fact, one among the hosts produced and co-wrote the series “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.” Crimetown takes place in Providence and covers crime and corruption. That goes all the high to the mayor. Season two of Crimetown was first released in late 2018.


This podcast was a one-off, but the team behind it also produces Serial and This American Life, so we will expect to ascertain more engaging podcasts down the road.

Modern Love

The podcast, which is produced by NPR, brings these personal essays to life with readings by famous people from Peter Gallagher to Cynthia Nixon to John Cho. Hosts Meghna Chakrabarti (WBUR) and Modern Love editor Jones sometimes even get updates from the essay writers.

NFL Talking Heads 

If your love of football extends off the sector into fantasy leagues, the NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast will assist you up to your game.

Food 4 Thot

Food 4 Thot isn’t actually about food; it’s about life. While drinking rosé, the four hosts discuss sex, race, identity, and other juicy topics during a format they describe as “like NPR, but on poppers.”

Home ground

Do you want to get the simplest music from queer (LGBTQ+ and allied) bands and artists? Some episodes of the Homoground music radio podcast (founded by Lynn Casper) specialize in highlighting individual tracks, while others include interviews with musicians.



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