Digital Jewels Africa DJ Cares Scholarship for African Students 2024

The Dj Cares Scholarship, orchestrated by Digital Jewels Africa, embodies their mission to emerge as the continent’s most reliable facilitator in the burgeoning knowledge economy. This is achieved by offering superior training, e-learning platforms, and specialized recruitment solutions.

Digital Jewels Africa DJ Cares Scholarship for African Students

Digital Jewels Africa DJ Cares Scholarship

Via the Dj Cares Scholarship initiative, Digital Jewels Africa aims to offer vocational navigation. This assistance is geared toward both seasoned and novice professionals, empowering them to cultivate competencies that are pertinent to the digital era. The scholarship is a testament to Digital Jewels’ commitment to nurturing talent and contributing to Africa’s progression in the information age.


  • A recipient of the Dj Cares Scholarship will be awarded a monetary grant of N200,000.00 to assist in the pursuit of a degree in an Information Technology-related field.
  • In addition to the scholarship, beneficiaries will have the chance to be placed by Digital Jewels for internships during vacations, official industrial training intervals, and the period of national youth service.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for consideration in the scholarship award process, applicants are required to fulfill all the following criteria:

  • Enrollment in a course of study that is related to Information Technology, specifically focusing on disciplines such as Computer Science (single or combined degree programs), Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.
  • Maintenance of a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.75 out of 5 for each semester since the start of university studies.
  • Applicants must not exceed the age of 23 years as of October in the year of application.
  • A minimum of two years of study completed at the university level is mandatory.
  • Proficiency in the English language, both in speaking and writing, is essential.
  • Submission of two credible references is required, with at least one reference being from a current university official such as a Head of Department, Dean, or equivalent.

How to Apply

  • Those who satisfy the eligibility conditions will compose and submit an essay, limited to a maximum of 500 words, on any one of the following three subjects:
  • Balancing innovation and security: An Ethical Conundrum of AI-generated deepfakes in IT and its Implications for Information Security.
  • Tech Literacy and Its Importance in the 21st Century: Explore the role of tech literacy in contemporary society and its influence on individual development and opportunities.
  • My Digital Footprint: Understanding the Impact of My Online Presence: The Consequences of Your Online Behavior: Contemplate your online engagements and elucidate how your digital footprint might shape your educational and professional future.
  • After completing their essays, eligible students will proceed to the next step in the application procedure by clicking on the “Apply” button. This will allow them to input their details and upload their essays.
  • The uploaded document must be in PDF format.

For more information, visit Digital Jewels Africa  official website.

Application Deadline

Not Specified.

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