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Zenith bank – Zenith bank Internet Banking | Mobile Banking

Zenith bank – Zenith bank Internet Banking | Mobile Banking
Zenith bank is a Nigerian financial institution. It is a public company that was founded on May 1990 by Jim Ovia. The institution is served in some countries in the world which are Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and United Kingdom. But the headquarters is based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The institution has more than five hundred (500) branches in Nigeria.

Zenith bank - Zenith bank Internet Banking | Mobile Banking

This institution also deals with internet banking where users can carry out transactions, safe internet banking, E-payments and so many more. With this internet banking users can make payment to customers anywhere in the world. Users can also create any account online it could be either savings account or current account or salary account or domiciliary account. Zenith bank also has a mobile app which you can download on your phone.

Steps on How to Open an Account Online on Zenith Bank

  1. Visit the link www.zenithbank.com
  2. Click on the icon ‘get started today’.
  3. When clicked, a page will come up. Click on the icon which says open an account online.
  4. On that page you will have to choose an option if you are a new customer or an existing. Customer.
  5. Click on new customer.
  6. There, a form to fill will come up.
  7. Fill the form by entering your country, account type, title, your name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, means of ID, contact address, email address, preferred branch, account category, state of origin, first name, surname, sex, occupation, expiry date, state of resident, city of residence, currency type, and mobile number.
  8. Then move downward and click on the submit icon.
  9. When the form has been filled visit the nearest zenith bank branch with the required documentation to get your account activated.

But if you have an existing account, all you have to do is to just

  1. Visit the link www.zenithbank.com
  2. Click on the icon ‘get started today’.
  3. A page will come up. Click on the open an account online icon.
  4. Click on existing customer.
  5. Enter your account number and your pin.
  6. Click on the icon ‘validate’.

Now that you have followed this step you have officially opened an account online.

Zenith Bank Mobile App non-internet banking

Users can get access to their accounts every day at any time. You can also pay bills and transfer funds. This app removes the need of mobile wallet before making payments and other purchases.

Steps on How to Register | Zenith Bank

You can either register as a non-internet banking user or as an internet banking user. Registering as a non-internet banking user, you would need your mobile number setup for alerts on his account that is registered so as to receive an SMS pin but registering as an internet banking user, you will need your hardware token which provides your internet banking pin and OTP

Zenith Bank Internet Banking User

  1. Enter your account number
  2. Agree with terms and conditions, then send request
  3. Create a password(must be 6 digits)
  4. Create a mobile pin(must be numeric and be of 4 digits)
  5. There, you will have to enter your pin

A login page will come up; enter your account number and your password that was created earlier on

Zenith Bank Non Internet Banking User

  1. Create a password(must be numeric and of 6 digits)
  2. Create a mobile pin(numeric and of 4 digits)
  3. Enter your OTP which will be sent to you by SMS on your registered alertz number

A login page will come up, enter your account number and your password created earlier on

After following these steps you will be registered, and the next time you go on the application you will be taken straight to the login page

Zenith mobile app allows users to do the following

  • Money transfer (to any zenith bank account or to any other bank account)
  • Bill payments
  • cheques
  • Manage account
  • Change password, mobile pin
  • Airtime purchase
  • Pay for flights
  • Make hotel bookings
  • Travel and leisure
  • Activate cards etc.

Zenith Bank Eazy Money

This is a payment solution that enables users to make deposits, withdrawals, pay bills and so many more from their mobile wallet using their mobile phones. Users can also switch to eazy money from zenith mobile app by just clicking on the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

This mobile wallet is like a bank account that is created for a subscriber. The mobile number will be the account number. Cash withdrawals and deposit can be done from this mobile number through a bank branch or an agent. The feature includes

  • Transferring money from an m-wallet to another m-wallet
  • Transferring money from bank account to m-wallet
  • Withdrawing from m-wallet through a bank branch
  • Buy airtime
  • Check balance
  • Pay utility bills etc.

Partner with this bank and enjoy our service.

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