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YouTube Red – YouTube premium – YouTube

YouTube Red

The YouTube red, now known as YouTube premium is a feature on YouTube that is bought. There are many benefits to this feature. This feature enables you to use YouTube in an ad-free way even if you are offline. Like I said before, this is a streaming subscription service that is being paid for. The videos they show are videos on the YouTube platform. This feature allows you access to the YouTube original videos in collaboration with the website’s major creator.

YouTube Red - YouTube premium - YouTube

This service was first available in the year 2014 on October. This service was first known as YouTube key. It was collaboration with both the google music and the YouTube platform. A lot of apps, streaming platforms and services are still around.

What is YouTube premium?

YouTube premium is one of the subscription based service on YouTube. This feature is simply for YouTube users. This program adds specific features to your basic YouTube website or app to increase the experience.

How much would YouTube premium cost a user to get?

Having considered the fact that the majority of YouTube contents are free, the first thought that would come to your mind is that “ok”, I don’t think it would cost that much. But you have to know that the YouTube subscription runs on a bill of twelve dollars per month. This mean that your subscription have to be renewed every year. At first, when it just began, it costs only ten dollars except you subscribe with your iOS app store which normally costs thirteen dollars per month.

Benefits of the YouTube red or YouTube premium

There are many benefits and reasons for using the YouTube red. I would list them shortly just to inform you of the reasons you need this feature. Below are the benefits;

  • Access to YouTube originals: if you sign up for the YouTube red, you would officially have access to the whole library of YouTube original contents. Presently, the list is a bit short but would soon be a good fit for your costs.
  • Ad-free viewing: have you ever experienced watching videos on YouTube without having to worry for ads that would pop-up when streaming your videos. With this feature, you would have access to YouTube in a classified and respected manner.
  • Google play music
  • YouTube music premium
  • YouTube background play on mobile: you would officially have access to lay YouTube videos or music’s on your device home.
  • Also, YouTube offline viewing: with this feature you can also watch YouTube without internet access.

So you see that the YouTube red is total worth the service it provides. These are all of the benefits of the YouTube red. But you also have to know that the YouTube red is no longer YouTube red but now YouTube premium, and that also explains why I specifically explained the YouTube premium.

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