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YouTube Earnings – Get Started with YouTube Earnings

YouTube Earnings

Do you know about the YouTube earnings feature? A lot of existing internet browsers out there do see YouTube as just a platform to waste time, watch silly videos or get any trending music video in town. To others, it is a platform where YouTubers can upload and post videos from occasions, events, and concerts, an educating video or even family events with other users on the YouTube platform. However, a small group sees YouTube as the bigger part of their online source of income.

YouTube Earnings - Get Started with YouTube Earnings

The strategy of YouTube earnings is easy, but the thing is earning a big amount of cash from this platform is one form of challenge. Here is how the YouTube ad revenue works and how you can get started on earning money from the YouTube platform.

Now the rate of earning from YouTube could seem to be challenging like I said before. Do you know why I say so? I will definitely tell you how this works. As a youtuber, you only pay when another user clicks an advertisement on your video or watches it for about 30 seconds. And this is the reason you cannot tie down your YouTube channel views to the cash. If your video should gain about 10 million views but no user watches or clicks on the advertisement, you will not make your money.

How to Get Started with YouTube Earnings

You cannot just post or upload a video on YouTube and expect it to yield you cool cash – this will not work even if your video goes viral and reaches a large number of YouTube users. There are a few steps you have to follow in order to earn from YouTube. Here’s what you should do;

  1. Enable AdSense for YouTube on your account

The very first step in earning online income from YouTube is to open an account and enable an account monetization. Turning on this monetization is all about accepting the guidelines of YouTube advertisement and getting connected to the AdSense account in order to receive your payment.

  • Upload and promote your video

For you to earn an income from your videos uploaded on YouTube, you have to post these videos on your YouTube account first! You can create and edit these videos using a program like Adobe premier or Apple’s iMovie. And once these videos are available online you will definitely need YouTube users to watch these videos. Promote the video contents by sharing them on other social media sites, to friends, family and so many other contacts, on blogs also, any other digital means. The more views you get, the more money you get!

  • Get your payment from AdSense

Once you get your account linked to your AdSense account, you will gain credit for every video monthly income. And after you have stored up about 100 dollars in your earning, Google will provide your payment to your bank account.

The Bottom Line on YouTube Earnings

So many YouTubers and enterprises make a lot of millions through advertising on YouTube, but there may be risks when you make use of another social platform managed by another company. Now only is there an opportunity that a great change in the algorithms of Google search could build up or bring down video traffic, but the Google platform also gets a 45 percent of the income that is generated from a video advertising. However, YouTube still remains the world’s second largest search engine next to Google, and this includes search results for videos.

If the acquired benefits of getting hold of a large number of audience and having Google take charge of the labor-intensive areas of setting up and advertising network outweighs the risks and high costs, this YouTube platform is one great source for turning your snazzy videos into cool cash.

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