YouTube Application – Features of the YouTube Application

YouTube Application

The official YouTube application is known as the YouTube go. Before we talk about this amazing app, we would talk about what YouTube is and what an application also means. Before diving further into this step, the YouTube website was first launched in the year 2005 on February. This website was later bought by Google in the year 2006 for a sum of 1.65 billion US dollars. Since then YouTube was one of the google sub-services.

YouTube Application - Features of the YouTube Application

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a media streaming website where almost all of the world’s music and movies can be found and streamed. Generally, YouTube can be known as an American based video sharing website, this site is headquartered in San Bruno, California. There are thousands of people who upload their videos on YouTube and earn from it. Since the company became a subsidiary of Google, it now allows channel owners to earn using a platform known as Google AdSense. Short videos can be uploaded to this server for every YouTube user to find and watch. The YouTube AdSense is a program that target advertisements according to the site content and audience.

What is an Application?

An application is a program or app that is not web-based. This does not mean that it would not require a data connection, but it means that you do not need any web browser to access the services that the app provides. Every app has a unique feature that makes it very unique and different from others. The YouTube go like I said before is the official app for the YouTube website.

Explaining the YouTube Application

The YouTube app is an application that only runs on mobile devices, smartphones, and iOS devices. This app allows every user to access the official YouTube website without the use of a web browser. This app is very much appreciated by millions of users because it is a place where most people learn new things in every aspect of life. Les talk about some of the few features that you can find on the YouTube application.

Features of the YouTube Application

There are a few features that the YouTube has on smartphones. Below are some of the features.

  • You can stream videos on YouTube in HD quality
  • Easy finding of videos and channels using voice search
  • You can easily subscribe to YouTube channels after signing in your account
  • Easily share your thoughts and ideas on E-mail, google plus, facebook, or even twitter.

There are a whole much more to what you can do on the YouTube app.


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