Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024 – APPLY NOW

Applications are now open for the Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024. The Young  Global Solutions Initiative, which aims to promote the alignment of economic prosperity with environmental sustainability and societal needs, seeks to identify, acknowledge, and reward young individuals who actively contribute to this cause worldwide.

Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024
Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024

The award recognizes practical initiatives and projects led by youth that have a significant impact on the ground while also inspiring others beyond their immediate influence. These projects can be social enterprises or non-profit initiatives led by young people.

Categories of Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024 

Reimagine Business Award

Businesses and commercial endeavours have the potential to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and inspire innovation. However, numerous existing business practices result in unsustainable levels of waste, the depletion of natural resources, worsening climate change, and inadequate labor conditions.

The focus is on identifying businesses and social enterprises that have successfully implemented a business model centered around promoting both social well-being and environmental objectives.

Reimagine Social And Climate Action

Numerous individuals, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, encounter substantial obstacles in accessing essential services such as healthcare, food, housing, and education. Simultaneously, environmental crises like climate change, pollution, and the decline of biodiversity are escalating, posing a threat to our natural surroundings and exacerbating social inequalities.

The focus is on identifying projects that provide direct support to societies affected by systemic inequities or climate degradation.

Reimagine Civic Engagement Award

Globally, there is a decreasing level of trust among citizens towards government, administration, and public institutions. This trend is accompanied by the growing popularity of populism and nationalism. Similarly, there is a noticeable absence of transparency and accountability among decision-makers, as well as limited opportunities for citizens and civil society to actively participate in crucial decisions that impact their lives.

The focus is on identifying projects that actively support the transfer of power to citizens, enabling them to engage meaningfully in the civic space.


Finalists of the Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024 are being offered a comprehensive scholarship that covers their expenses to attend the 2024 Global Solutions Summit in Berlin. This scholarship includes various benefits such as:

  • Travel expenses, ensuring finalists can travel to and from Berlin conveniently.
  • Accommodation for the duration of the Global Solutions Summit, providing five nights of lodging from May 3-8, 2024.
  • Free admission to the Global Solutions Summit 2024, granting finalists access to the event’s discussions and activities.
  • Networking opportunities with esteemed individuals from academia, business, politics, and civil society, enabling participants to form valuable connections.
  • Access to an exclusive global network of like-minded Young Global Changers, fostering ongoing connections beyond the summit.
  • Possibilities for further engagement, offering avenues for continued involvement and participation in initiatives related to the Young Global Changers program.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants, regardless of the category they are applying in, must meet the following criteria to be considered eligible:

  • Individuals Only: Only individuals can submit applications. Organizations cannot apply directly, but individuals can represent them.
  • Leading Role: Applicants should hold a leadership position in the project or initiative they are applying with. This could be as a founder, co-founder, project leader, initiator, or in a similar capacity.
  • Strong English: Participants must possess strong English language skills to effectively present their work before a jury and audience, as well as engage in group discussions.
  • Age: The Young Global Changers program is focused on empowering young individuals. Applicants should ideally fall within the age range of 18 to 35.
  • Motivation: Applicants are expected to demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm to actively contribute as members of a global network working towards creating lasting global change.

How To Apply For Young Global Changers Recoupling Awards 2024

Interested and qualified? Click here  to commence Application.

For further details visit the official website.

Application Deadline

         November 27, 2023.



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