You Can Now Pair Peloton’s App with Third-Party Treadmills

You can now pair Peloton’s app with third-party treadmills. Peloton now extends where you can utilize its app as the company continues to focus on subscription fitness plans.

Pair Peloton’s App with Third-Party Treadmills

Pair Peloton’s App with Third-Party Treadmills

Peloton as you should know is opening up its app to third-party treadmills for running, walking, or even Tread Bootcamp classes. Pelo Buddy sighted a new support page on the site of Peloton announcing that the app can now record and even get to display metrics on any treadmill that makes use of Bluetooth FTMS. The offer in question is only open to subscribers of the most expensive subscription workout plan of the company known as the Peloton App Plus.

How to Pair the Peloton App with Other Treadmills

And in a bid to pair, you will begin a Tread class in the Peloton app, then head on to tap on the “Connect a Bluetooth Device” option. Select your treadmill from the list, and then a green check mark allows you to know when it is connected.

Peloton has stated that users can check their incline, speed, pace, and distance through the app during a class session. And just after the class is over, the app in question will also show estimated calorie burn as well as elevation gain. Also, sessions that are on third-party treadmills will still count towards challenges and even badges.

The Peloton of Today and the One of the Pandemic

The Peloton of today as you should know is markedly different from the very one that surged during the pandemic-spurred home exercise equipment spike and boom. The company in question however struggled to meet that demand and then at the time had months of cascading problems such as safety recalls, federal investigations, layoffs, and even high-profile departures just before things quieted down again. The more subscription-focused Peloton now deals with much milder issues and problems.



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