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Yahoo Stock List – Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrencies

Yahoo Stock List

The Yahoo stock list is a separate list on the yahoo finance page where you can find certain stock prices that is updated every second. This stock page contains cryptocurrencies tab, calendar tab, trending tickers tab, most active stocks, gainers stock, losers stock, top ETF’s commodities tab, currencies and so much more than you can expect to see on the responsible stock list page.

Yahoo Stock List - Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrencies

Yahoo Finance Cryptocurrencies

The Yahoo finance crypto currency page is a page of the yahoo finance stock list that contains a list of all the crypto currencies so far and an updated list of their current worth. This list also has a chart that tells if the currency is falling or rising. Below are ten crypto currencies you can find on this page and their exchange rate in USD.

Name    Price    Change    % change    Market cap    Volume in currency (from 0.00 UTC)    Volume in currency(last 24 hours)    Total volume of all currencies    Circulating supply

Bitcoin USD    3,681.23    +13.06    +0.36%    64.333B    145.77M    304.449M    1.634B    17.476M

Ripple USD    0.3354    +0.0028    +0.84%    33.537B    10.121M    27.56M    348.574M    99.992B

Ethereum USD    127.62    -0.34    -0.27%    13.313B    58.221M    130.061M    1.075B    104.316M

Bitcoin Cash / BCC USD    130.88    -3.35    -2.50%    2.287B    7.976M    15.395M    193.833M    17.476M

Stellar USD    0.1061    -0.0024    -2.21%    2.029B    276,806    718,080    49.589M    19.126B

Litecoin USD    33.09    -0.46    -1.37%    1.984B    9.512M    22.889M    256.9M    59.972M

Tether USD    1.0100    0.0000    0.00%    1.926B    5.11M    10.643M    53.549M    1.907B

Tronix USD    0.0263    +0.0000    +0.04%    1.755B    699,914    1.801M    312.532M    66.646B

EOS USD    2.4600    +0.0100    +0.41%    1.607B    6.443M    16.413M    613.162M    653.096M

Binance Coin USD    6.0    +0.2    +3.09%    1.145B    186,311    295,895    44.535M    190.799M

Yahoo Finance Most Active Stocks

This is another list on the yahoo finances stock list which gives you vital and important details about them. The stocks on this page are updated every 0.5 seconds. The stocks either reduce or increase. The currency for all stocks on this list is also in USD (US dollars). Follow this link to get the real time statistics (https://finance.yahoo.com/most-active).

Yahoo Finance Stock Gainers

The yahoo finance stock gainers page is a page that is designed to accept only those who gain from the yahoo finance stock. This page being updated regularly sorts out the gainers from the losers and publishes only the result of the gainers.

Yahoo Finance Stock Losers

This page is very much like the yahoo finance stock gainers, but in this case, it is the results of the losers that are being published. In other words, all the results are screened and selected to receive only the loser’s data.

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