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Yahoo Finance Business – Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance Business

What is the Yahoo finance business platform? But first, What is Yahoo? Yahoo is one of the various web service providers that have its headquarters based in sunny vale California. This service is owned by the Verizon communications. This service was acquired by the Verizon communications through the Oath Inc. the yahoo company was founded by two men in 1994 named jerry yang and David Filo. The company was later incorporated in 1995 March 2nd. Yahoo can be considered as one of the pioneers of the internet in the early 1990’s.

Yahoo Finance Business - Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Product and Services

The platform as a whole offers user’s different kind of services, these services are listed below;

  • Mail services.
  • They provide users with the latest news around the globe.
  • Entertainment services and
  • Sports information.

These are some services that yahoo provides.

Yahoo Finance Business – Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance can be said to be a media property that is a part of Yahoo’s network. The Yahoo finance is a service that supplies financial news, commentary, data, press releases, stock quotes, and even financial reports. Original contents can also be found on this platform. The Yahoo finance gives users a lot of tools that help you manage your personal finance. Yahoo finance was recognized in January 2004. There are some service providers that are similar to the yahoo finance, these services are google finance, MSN money, and investing.com.

Yahoo Finance Business – How to Use Yahoo Finance for Business

It doesn’t matter if you are investing independently or as a company, yahoo finance provides users with a competent and reliable offer. This website features the basic tools that can help any investor without having to subscribe for any plan. Below are some of the tools that yahoo finance offers users for free.

Specific Stock Data

This data can be found in two ways. You can click on market data on a specific stock if it is listed or use the quote look up.

Portfolio Tracking

This is a very good tool to use when you want to follow a mock portfolio or other accounts. This tool can be accessed and used quite easily. When you want to create a portfolio, you can add almost all the data an investor would wish to see. This information includes the number of purchased price and the shares that have been purchased. The speed and function at which this page moves, is far greater when synced with any mobile device.

The Bottom Line

This is a service that was created for those that are new to investing. With this service, all non-professional investors can easily act like a Wall Street investors using the data that is provided by yahoo finance.

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