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I believe almost everybody has seen or visited this website before coming across this very article on Www.zamob.com. Looking into the header, you will that it contains a URL on it which is www.zamob.com. If you have been trying to access or visit the website, you will notice that the site no longer works. It is not that the site does no longer exists, just that the site has been moved from zamob to zamobs.co.za. But all that I will be talking about is all about zamob but I will be referring to zamobs.



As I have explained earlier that about zamob com or zamob.com and I have told you the site has been moved or the URL was changed to another URL which I mentioned the new URL to you. For those of us that do download from the zamob website and you have not been able to access through the site. The main reason why I come up with this article is to inform all my site visitors and those that do download movies from the zamob website before about the update of the site.

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Before now, we all know that zamob is a movie downloading website. For they allow their users to download movies for free without the concept of registering for an account, the same applies to zamobs. The only changes that were made are the addition of the (S) to the name and also the URL that was changed.


It is a website for downloading all kinds of downloadable stuff like south African music, Android games, Java games, video clips, Tv series, application, and wallpapers all for free. Zamobs is known as the largest website of the South African mobile web portal and also operates on tv series sites also like very other Tv series websites. There are good numbers of categories you can download from like I have mentioned earlier, talking firstly on zamob mp3 music.

Zamob Mp3 Music

I see that songs are the most download thing on a site like this. Lots of people love listening to music each day of their life whether gospel songs or not. Under the music category, there are also good numbers of sub-categories you can download from like we have Nigeria songs, latest or new songs, Albums, pop album, R&B album, Mixtapes, Pap/Hip Hop albums, and so much more on the site. If you are the type that loves listening to songs a lot, you can easily download any song of your choice with the steps that I will be listing down after this very paragraph.

How To Download Zamob Mp3

These only have to do mainly on audio songs, not video songs, so proceed to the following steps below to download mp3 music from this site.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the website by accessing your web browser and then enter zamobs.co.za. Note that if you visit this URL www.zamob.com it won’t work, only with the first URL you can access the website.
  • When you get into the site, just look down among the list you see down there. You will see the category for “Zamob Music”, click on it and it will take you to the music page.
  • Now, you have to choose from the category you see on the new page. And when you finally do, click on it.
  • The category you clicked on will take you to the page where you will find all kinds of music on that category that you have clicked on. Now make your selection of song you want to download by clicking on it. You can also search for the name of the song you want to download if you can’t be scrolling over and over the site. Just look up, you see a search icon just click on it and type in the name of the song you want to download into it.

You will see the “Download” link below, just click on it and wait for the song to download into your device.

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Zamob Videos

This is just the beginning of the article we have not gotten anywhere yet, as you can see that the site also has videos. You know that videos contain both funny videos, music videos, and all kinds of videos that you can think of. Now that we have landed on the video section of the article, let talk about the video category and also how you can download videos on the site. We have video category on Pop music videos, celebrity videos, R&B music videos, Tv series movie trailers, short cartoons videos, funny videos, even big brother videos, and more.

Zamob Videos Download

The steps on how to download videos on the site are also the same steps that I have mentioned above for downloading music. To do the same for one of the videos, follow the steps below.

  • Visite the site as usual zamobs.co.za.
  • Click on the “Videos Clips” link on the homepage.
  • Also, choose the category of video you want to download from.
  • Search for the video you want to download and click on the video.

Scroll down to the last list on the page, you will see the download link, click on it and you will see the downloading process loading on your device screen.

Zamob App Store

What do you think the zamob app store is, I know we the users of smartphones like Android and iOS, we do make use of your mobile stores which is the app store. The app store of zamob is just the app store that is in your smartphone, there is no difference in both of them. You can download games from the app store of zamob, java game, and Android games from the site.

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Zamob Games Download

As you can see there are two options there we have games for java phones and games for Andriod phones. Now, let talk about how possible we can download games from the site. To download games, step through the steps below.

  • Access the site and which you have already known about the URL.
  • Click on the “App Store” when you get to the homepage.
  • You will be carried to a new page and you have to choose from the options there “Java” or “Android”.
  • On the other page, there are some other selections too. There is an Android App, Games, and Live wallpapers. Choose from the selection to proceed.

Look for the category of the game under the games or whatever you are downloading. Then click on the game in your mind to download and then move down and click the download link under the other page.

Zamob Applications

There are lots of applications that you can download and they are only meant for Android devices. without going into so many explanations for you to download an application or app from zamob. You just need to visit the site and go to the application page by clicking on the “Application” link. It will take you to another page, on this page you will come across so many applications or apps. You can just choose from any of the lists there depending on what you are looking for on the site. Just go straight by following the steps on the page until you get to the very last page where you will see the download link of what you are downloading.

Zamob TV Series

Do you know that zamob which is the new zamob known as zamobs has a tv series on it? Wow, this is amazing right, the site contains a lot of tv series that you can watch. But the ting is that when you clicked on the tv series link on the homepage after accessing the site. The link will direct you to a new website called “o2tvseries”. Briefly, I will like us to talk about this site on zamob called o2tvseries.

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Zamob o2tvseries

The reason why I named it zamob o2tvseries is that the site inside the zamob site. It has an URL of it own by you can access the o2tvseries site through zamob. The site contains lots of series of movies and also full-length movies, Korean drama, animations/cartoons, movies from A-Z, and A-Z tv-series. Now you see how nice zamob is, You can just access the site of zamob to download tv series movie by clicking on the “Tv Series” link among the other links that are on the homepage.

As I have said that the o2tvseries has its own URL and which www.o2tvseries.co. Note, the site of o2tvseries is not like the o2tvseries site that you do know about, where you do normally visit to download your tv series movies. With the help of the URL I have given to you, you will understand better when you finally visit the site.

Zamob Wallpapers

If you are looking for wallpapers that you can download just to help beautify your smartphone. There are so many of them in zamob. You can also download wallpapers depending on their categories, all that you will ever need is to visit the site and click on the wallpapers category on the site. You will be able to find other categories of wallpapers once you do and you are free to download the one that suits your taste.

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