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Women Crush Wednesday | #WCW – Use #WCW on Social Media

#WCW is an abbreviation that simply means “Women Crush Wednesday”. Thus, it’s a popular hashtag which started on twitter as a way to tag posts about women whom people admire or find attractive. It then went viral onto other social Medias like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumbler.

Women Crush Wednesday | #WCW - Use #WCW on Social Media

The meaning of the abbreviation varies though, depending on what you are using it for anyway, like some people use it for “world championship wrestling”, “wonderful Crush Wednesday”, or the same as the popular one which is “Woman Crush Wednesday”, the singular version of the version of the same tag.
WCW is the offshoot or the opposite of MCM which might as well stands for “Man Crush Monday”.

Where to find WCW Posts

WCW is very popular on the Facebook walls, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler:

  • WCW  (Women Crush Wednesday) on Facebook
  • The WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) on Twitter
  • WCW  (Women Crush Wednesday) on Instagram
  • WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) on Tumbler

Due to the fact it’s very short, so many people use the hashtag as an acronym on Twitter, and this allows 140 characters only per post. However, others write the tag in full instead of abbreviating it as #womancrushwednesday, especially on Facebook and Tumbler where length doesn’t matter as much. Some people also tweak the tag and use “woman, “so you will find a lot of related content tagged #Womancrushwednesday.

How to use the WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) Hashtag

The trend is to do the WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) posts on Wednesdays, which is the literal meaning of the second “W” in the tag. All you need to do is select your favourite picture of the person you admire and then tag along with the appropriate hashtag, like #WCW or #Womancrushwednesday.

WCW has become a cultural “award” or unofficial honor that anyone can bestow on anyone, and the language used in #WCW  (Women Crush Wednesday) posts often includes verbs associated with awards, like “goes out to, “deserves, or “has won my #WCW” (Women Crush Wednesday). WCW  (Women Crush Wednesday) is used in a variety of ways and for a multitude of purposes. Among them are:

#WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) Hashtag

  • Boyfriends do post the pictures of their girlfriends and tag them with #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday).
  • Men also use the hashtag to post pictures of women they have crushed on, even though, they never dated or they just like the woman.
  • Women use it too, though its goes to the girls, they often post a picture of their close buddies as a way to show admiration and respect.
  • People of all genders can also use it to give a hat tip or shout outs to the people they consider awesome, typically with simple posts that say, “you’ve always been there for me”, or sort of…could also be (this person) is major WCW material, “or “my wcw goes out to the best and whatsoever.
  • Many other people use #wcw to post pictures of their favourite celebrities, models and other famous women, especially ones they consider attractive. The WCW  (Women Crush Wednesday) tag has a big emphasis on beauties in general and sexy pictures in particular.
  • Some local news outlets encouraged their readers to nominate local women who are doing good things in their local cities or communities, so the tag is not always just about beauty.
  • Some also use it for advocacy causes, to advance women in leadership positions in charitable organizations they support. People posts pictures of women and causes they admire, and often these have nothing to do with the way women look- it’s all about how they act.
  • Some post pictures that don’t really show women. These might include cartoons, objects, abstract images and all sorts of imagery designed to connote something feminine or related to female in some way.

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