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Where’s My Water | Where’s My Water Game Download

Where’s My Water | Download Where’s My Water
Where’s My Water is a trending Disney game and the favorite game of the year. In the game, Swampy, the alligator that resides under the city in the sewers, has a different touch from other alligators; he is friendly and loves his nice shower which he takes after a day’s work but finds out that the pipes have a problem. And he will need your help in getting the water back into his showers.

Where's My Water | Where's My Water Game Download

It features stories about Swampy, Allie and Cranky the antagonist of the game with his gang to spice up the lives of our game hero. The game was created Disney games which is meant for brain-tasking with its different puzzle-like games. The game is a true wonder and a must download for Disney fans.

Features of the Where’s My Water

  • Where’s My Water is an interesting game that features a sewer background and is a puzzle-like game which makes it more interesting for the users.
  • It has an easy gameplay which makes it wonderful and not complex for simple users.
  • It has challenging obstacles by ‘Cranky’ an unfriendly alligator that hates Swampy’s civilization.
  • You collect three ducks to get a very high score in the game and share to the world to rank the Global high score.
  • There is over 500 amazing puzzle to solve which makes this game more intriguing to its users
  • Has brand new levels every week with bonus level to play which makes the game more interactive.
  • Watch out for dirty or toxic water because every drop counts in this game.

Game-play of Where’s My Water

  • Click and drag to cut through the dirt and pass the water on to the broken pipe.
  • Drag on the wall to view the ups and downs of the game.
  • Pour water on a box to move a bridge away from the dirt.

How to Download Where’s My Water From PlayStore & AppStore

  1. Visit yopur Google playstore or Appstore on you supported device
  2. Enter the name of the game you Where’s My Water on the search bar
  3. Some related search result will pop out together with the one you want to download, click on the one you want to download
  4. On the next page, click on Install, to get the game installed and downloaded on your device.

Once you are able to download the game you can start playing the game. Enjoy every interesting moment on this game.

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