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What Is Payoneer MasterCard – Payoneer Mastercard

What Is Payoneer MasterCard

What is a Payoneer MasterCard? A Payoneer MasterCard is said to be the most popular and most used payment platforms used to receive payments and send payments. The Payoneer platform is referred to a digital financial platform that helps provide the system of online funds transfers and online payment system across the globe. Now the MasterCard offered to users is a global card used for the purpose of buying items and paying instantly over the internet – online.

What Is Payoneer MasterCard - Payoneer Mastercard

We all know how the PayPal service works, Payoneer functions just the same way, although there are little differences. With this MasterCard made available on the platform, you will be an owner of a US bank account and other relevant bank details. You will get this card when you register for a Payoneer Account, and this card can be used at any automated teller machine (ATM) all over the world, you are also entitled to a 25 percent reward and it is always a win-win process all through! This payment platform is said to be the best, next to PayPal.

How the Payoneer MasterCard Works

This is the only available payment platform that offers customers the chance to own a US bank account, for them to get payments as a normal bank account holder. The money will be sent directly to the card, and then you can go for your money at the ATM. After registering for your card, you will be prompted to upload a valid proof of identification which may include any form of ID card. And the details of the card must be the same as the details you filled in while registering.

Your MasterCard is delivered to you and delivery may last for 13 – 26 working days. You can use your card at POS terminals, for shopping online and stores that accept the use of the card. It is recognized by almost all eCommerce platforms because it is a US bank account. You can use it to shop and make payments on online sites like Amazon, Walmart, Jumia, and Konga and other local sites.  The account is mainly placed in US dollars but is being converted whenever you make purchases in your local currency.

Join the millions of users out there getting paid with this amazing payment platform. get your Payoneer MasterCard, and begin to gain extra cash without any obstacles. What are you still waiting for? Sign up for one today!

How to Use a Payoneer MasterCard

The Payoneer MasterCard is a prepaid card that functions just like every other MasterCard out there. the card is globally accepted, at any location where the use of MasterCard is approved digitally. You can use for the purpose of withdrawal transactions at ATMs and POS terminals. You could also use it make purchases online or physical shops and pay instantly. This MasterCard is used for any online transaction where MasterCard is accepted as a method of payment.

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