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What is Payoneer Card – Apply for A Payoneer Card

What is Payoneer Card

What is Payoneer card? The Payoneer Card is a MasterCard issued to a user when he or she registers for a Payoneer Account. It actually allows you to make withdrawal transactions from an automated teller machine (ATM), it is also used for shopping at E-commerce sites that operate on the card. However, this card was created and designed for people who engage in pieces of work for different organizations who really need to collect their payments online; most especially in locations that do not operate with PayPal. This amazing payment platform has been designed to do more than any other existing payment platform. Even if you are not a freelancer, you could still be a full owner of this MasterCard from Payoneer, send and receive money through it and also use your card to shop online and pay instantly.

What is Payoneer Card - Apply for A Payoneer Card

There is really no maximum limit regarding how much you can receive and spend from your Payoneer Account. And one interesting part about this is that the Payoneer payment platform provides a U.S-made virtual bank account for users who may be interested and the account is automatically linked to your card. So, with this, you can receive payments from online platform that offer payments through a direct deposit process, and this is now popular all over.

You can receive and send payments easily – all thanks to Payoneer! Using your card, you can use almost all ATM’s in the country. There is simply no doubt that this platform is just the perfect alternative to PayPal available for Nigerians.

How to Apply for A Payoneer Card

Have you always wanted to run a USA bank account here in Nigeria? Have you always wanted to get paid US Dollars? It is absolutely possible with Payoneer! The Payoneer MasterCard is issued to users by the Choice Bank Limited. This Payoneer platform helps in the growth and improvement of your business by allowing you pay and receive payments all over the world.

You could use your Payoneer Card to buy items online and also in shops using the POS machines, or making withdrawal transactions at ATM’s. now if you are actually interested and want to quickly apple for this card, here’s how to apply;

  1. Go to www.payoneer.com and create a Payoneer account. Without an account, you will not be granted access to the use of the card. Fill in the application form and submit.
  2. Once you are done with the application for the account, go to www.payoneer.com and at the top of the page, click on “Receive & Withdraw”.
  3. A menu list will be displayed to you, click on “Prepaid MasterCard card”.
  4. Click on “sign up”.
  5. Then you will be prompted to enter some necessary details, then click on “Next”.
  6. Enter your shipping address where the card will be shipped to and click on “Order”.
  7. Wait for your card to be mailed to you.

How to Activate a Payoneer Card

Once your card has been mailed to you, it has to undergo the activation process before use. Then after you have completed the activation process, you can begin to use your card. Here’s how to activate your new card;

  1. Log into your Payoneer Account.
  2. Go to settings and click on “Card management”.
  3. Find the card requiring activation and tap “Activation”.
  4. Follow the instructions given to you on the page to complete the activation process.

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