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VyprVPN | Golden frog – Fast, Secure, Reliable & Powerful VPN Service

VyprVPN | Golden frog – Fast, Secure, Reliable & Powerful VPN Service
Most people use Antivirus or internet security products like Bullgard (Special discounted link) to safeguard their computers. But you cannot safeguard your online activity with the Antivirus products.

VyprVPN | Golden frog - Fast, Secure, Reliable & Powerful VPN Service

There are reasons why we use VPN but one of those reasons is that VPN services encrypt our data so that no one will be able to access them and also to protect your computer from hackers. The second reason is that VPN services helps to hide our IP and provide our IP from different countries. You can choose any country of your choice to avoid your countries censorship then you will be able to access any website that has been banned in your country.

Goldenfrog | VyprVPN review                                                         

While using the VyprVPN (Goldenfrog), we found out that it worked well as they have planned. Its interface is very simple. We can easily set up its desktop client too. But the down side of VyprVPN is that they don’t have plans for unlimited devices. You are only allowed to protect the maximum of 5 devices even with their premium plan.

Over here, the VyprVPN review gives you the complete details about the VyprVPN features, the plans, prices, technologies and every other thing you need to know about. Golden frog boasts their VPN is the fastest VPN service in the world but we have used the premium plan and we are here to give you our genuine experience with VyprVPN.

VyprVPN Features & Technologies

Many people give priority to the pricing of the VPN. But our priority is for the technologies they are using because we need to ensure you go for a VPN with better security. From the research we found out that It has four encryption options which are, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and Chameleon. You can select one of these four options. It provides NAT Firewall too and with basic plan you can only get PPTP among the five options listed below. But we recommend that you to go for the Pro or premium plan.

Why VyprVPN is fast?

They claim that they are the fastest VPN service provider, because, they write 100% of their software code. They maintain 100% of all their hardware i.e., servers.

Uses Vypr DNS which is a zero logging DNS. Internet users rely on ISP DNS servers or third-party DNS servers even with other VPN services. Vypr has 100% of DNS servers. When you use VyprVPN then you are automatically using Vypr DNS server. So you are avoiding extra DNS server. So it will give good speed.

VyprVPN Server Location

Another important factor is number of servers and server locations. They have 70+ server locations in 60+ countries. They have 700+ servers and 200000+ IP addresses. These are really impressing factors from Vypr VPN. You can choose any country location. Just above you will see an image for their server locations.

One other good thing about VyprVPN is VyprVPN works on their server maintenance. They don’t exceed their servers.

VyprVPN Supported platform

It supports Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS, Android, Router, TV and Linux. They have apps or software’s for all platforms. And they work very well. Interface is very simple and very easy to use.

VyprVPN Plans & Pricing

VyprVPN has two plans, which are VyprVPN and VyrVPN Premium. You will get unlimited data usage with all plans. Every plan comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You will get 3 simultaneous connections with the basic plan. You will get 5 simultaneous connections, VyprVPN cloud and Chameleon protocol with VyprVPN Premium plan. I recommend you to take Premium plan, because in the basic plan you will get less security.

VyprVPN Performance

Don’t think that you will get high-speed with any VPN. VPN services might reduce your internet speed, because they are adding extra server and extra encryption technologies. Encryption process may also take some time. But VPN performance depends on how fast they are performing encryption process. When you use OpenVPN encryption, you will get good speed. I found very small difference in speed. But we can neglect that speed difference because of its high security.

Golden Frog allows all VyprVPN users to share files via P2P or BitTorrent, regardless of the server they are on. That’s a remarkable degree of freedom, as most services limit your P2P usage to specific servers. The service logs some information and explains the practice in detail. The gist is that the company notes your IP address and the IP address of the VPN server that you connect. This information is stored for 30 days. The company is headquartered in Switzerland, which is reportedly not subject to mandatory data retention laws that affect VPNs. The company has written extensively about why it chose Switzerland as its base.

Why GoldenFrog does not Inject ads Directly into Users’ Web Traffic

Some VPN companies have tried to make money by adding ads directly into users’ web traffic. This is an illegal practice, and I’m glad to see it’s on the decline. A company representative confirmed that, “GoldenFrog does not inject ads or profit from our user data in any way. “Using a VPN usually degrades your web-browsing performance, simply because your internet connection is taking a more circuitous path.

To get a sense for what kind of impact a particular VPN has on web browsing, I perform two sets of tests using the Ookla speed test tool. (Note that Ookla is owned by PCMag’s publisher, Ziff Davis.) First I compare the average test results without a VPN to the average results with a VPN connected to a nearby VPN server. This is how most people will probably use their VPN, as it puts an emphasis on speed and reliability. For the second test, I compare the average test results while connected to an Ookla test server in Alaska, but not using the VPN, to the same configuration while the VPN is active and connected to a VPN server in Australia. This extreme distance, from Alaska to Australia, puts strain on the connection and stress-tests the service.

VyprVPN Increase Latency

During our domestic testing, we realized that VyprVPN had increased its latency by 17.6 percent, which is on pay for other products in this test. Spotflux Premium VPN takes the lead in this test, reducing latency by 4 percent. VyprVPN had no effect—positive or negative—on download speeds. That’s great, but not quite as impressive as Pure VPN$2.95, which actually improved download speeds by 346.4 percent. That streak was broken in the upload test, in which VyprVPN dragged down upload speeds by 14.2 percent, nearly double the average. Spotflux again has had the best score in this test, decreasing the upload speeds by only 0.4 percent.

In the harsher international tests, VyprVPN increased latency by 285.7 percent. That’s on the higher end of average, and a far cry from Anchor Free Hotspot Shield Elite, which increased latency by only 155.4 percent. The download test was also into middling for VyprVPN, which reduced the download speeds by 24.2 percent. PureVPN again has the best score, improving download speeds by some 403.4 percent. VyprVPN managed to redeem itself in the upload test. Here, it reduced upload speeds by only 3.2 percent. That was the second best score behind Hotspot Shield Elite, which amazingly improved upload speeds by 1.4 percent.

There are many ways to measure network performance; we do consider the download metric to be particularly significant as most of us use the internet to consume digital content. So when we try to figure out the fastest VPN service, we are usually looking at download speeds. For two years, PureVPN has far and beyond surpassed the competition on speed alone, and has earned an Editors’ Choice award for its feat.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an excellent way to ensure that your internet connections are secure and that no one can spy on your traffic. Once your VPN is activated, all the packets that make up your network traffic travel through an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server controlled by the VPN service. Sites that try to identify you by your IP address see one of the VPN service’s IP addresses instead.

A VPN also hides your traffic from inspection by your Internet Service Provider. That’s a good thing, since the current administration recently gave the green light for ISPs to sell anonymized metadata to advertisers and third-parties.

With a VPN, you can be sure that using the public, unsecured Wi-Fi at the coffee shop won’t lead to your identity being stolen. VPN also helps to circumvent censorship online; they are also used by activists and journalists working within countries with repressive internet controls. On the lighter side, a VPN can spoof your location and make region-locked streaming content available.

Step on How to setup VyprVPN | Goldenfrog VPN

Its settings are very simple. Settings are very straight forward. Let me tell you about setup process.

  • Open a browser and type in Goldenfrog.com in the address.
  • Buy any plan of your choice then download desktop client and install.
  • Open VyprVPN from the desktop icon. You will see below screen. You can see Settings symbol in the top right corner. Before going to settings, I will tell you how to select server location on VyprVPN.
  • Select location symbol right to Connect.
  • Select Show all server Locations. You will see all available server locations with their ping time. Select any server and click on Connect. Your IP will be changed and your computer will be connected to a VPN. You can see your current IP address and which protocol you are using.
  • If you want to change settings of your VyprVPN, select Settings symbol in top right corner. Select Options.
  • Every option is straight forward. Select any one you want and click Apply.
  • Kill switch is the special option in VyprVPN. If you don’t want to use internet without VPN, then only you can select this option.
  • When you select the Protocol tab you will notice available encryption technologies. You can select OpenVPN or Chameleon.
  • You need not to change DNS settings. Leave it as VyprDNS.
  • You can change notification and application launch settings under General tab.
  • You do not need to change settings under Advanced and Account tabs.

VyprVPN | Goldenfrog VPN

With my experience, I can say their support is very ok and preferable. VyprVPN service is also very good. They give good performance and high security for fewer prices. You better go with annual plans.

Golden Frog VyprVPN is a worthy choice. It also brings a strong hold of security tools to the table, with easy and safe installation, globally and numerous diverse servers, fully advanced security tools, and fine-grained controls. I also greatly appreciate the latitude it provides users with its P2P and BitTorrent policy. Its data-capped free version is more of a trial, but you’d want a trial before signing up anyhow, because VyprVPN is fairly expensive. And it only allows three simultaneous connections at the entry-level tier, which is stingy. For excellent security at a better value, I recommend Editors’ Choice winners KeepSolid VPN Unlimited$6.99 at KeepSolid, NordVPN, and Private Internet Access. And for raw speed, try PureVPN.

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