US Might Ban the Import of Apple Watch Models

On Thursday, the US trade commission recommended banning imports of Apple Watch models that infringe on Masimo Corp.’s light technology for detecting blood oxygen levels. The United States International Trade Commission issued a “limited exclusion order” that will take effect in 60 days if President Joe Biden doesn’t veto it, according to California-based Masimo.

US Might Ban the Import of Apple Watch Models
US Might Ban the Import of Apple Watch Models

US Might Ban the Import of Apple Watch Models

Masimo’s chief executive, Joe Kiani, said in a release, “Today’s ruling by the USITC sends a powerful message that even the world’s largest company is not above the law. This important determination is a strong validation of our efforts to hold Apple accountable for unlawfully misappropriating our patented technology.

The commission issued the order in mid-2021 after someone complained that Apple Watch was infringing on its patented technology for “light-based oximetry functionality.

Apple has consistently been adding fitness and health features to each generation of Apple Watch, which market trackers claim leads the smartwatch category. In response to an AFP inquiry, Apple stated, “Our teams work tirelessly to develop products and services that provide users with industry-leading health, wellness, and safety features.

Legal Battle Between Apple and Masimo Over Health-Tech Innovation

Masimo has wrongly attempted to use the ITC to prevent millions of US consumers from accessing a potentially lifesaving product, all while promoting their own watch that imitates Apple.”

Apple stated its intention to challenge the order in federal court.

Last month, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 9, highlighting improved performance and new features, including the capability to access and record health data.

At the launch,” Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said, “Apple Watch is an essential companion that assists millions of people with their health, fitness, communication, and safety.

This week, Apple incorporated a “double-tap gesture” to control its latest watch models, eliminating the need to touch the screen as the device can detect finger movements. Apple mentioned, “Users can quickly perform many common actions by tapping their index finger and thumb together twice.

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