Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc – Upload Photo on Instagram


Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc
Good day once again everybody, we are here once again with yet another amazing and surprising article. How to Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc right. Almost sounds like impossible right but makeoverarena is known for the impossible. Instagram as we all know is a social media app that allows users to share videos and videos concerning their lives. You see Instagram allows you to continue using your facebook friends and profile if you like. If you wanna know how to Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc just follow the steps listed below

Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc

How to Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc

In order to Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc, all you need to do is get the items listed below

  • Get a pc(personal computer) that can access the internet efficiently without complications
  • Get an active data subscription
  • And lastly get an active data connection

After successfully getting the items then you are good to go on Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc

and ready for step 1

Step 1

  • Fully charge your device and boot it. After booting wait a few minutes, then refresh. Refreshing is not really necessary but it just put your device at top speed.
  • After refreshing locate the device browser and click on it once but if it does not opens simply double click on it and it should open.
  • When you are done with opening the browser locate the search bar and type in the URL instagram.com and search
  • Wait a few minutes and the page should be open. When the page opens log in to your account or if you have facebook account logged in on your pc just continue with facebook
  • When your account is open and you are logged in to your account hold on your keyboard Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • If you did that successfully a new extension on your browser would be open. On that extension you would see a diagram of a combination of a desktop and an Android device, simply click on it and minimize

Step 2

  • After minimizing refresh the page and you would see some icon at the bottom of the page simply click on the plus icon and add the picture you wish to upload, then a page where you can edit the uploaded picture.
  • Simply click next at the top right side of the screen and type in the caption you would like to publish with the picture and click share.

And you are done, That’s how you Upload your Photo on Instagram via Pc.


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