UICC 2024 Technical Fellowships for Developing Countries

UICC’s 2024 Technical Fellowships offer cancer professionals an opportunity to acquire fresh knowledge, skills, and techniques in cancer control through brief learning visits lasting from two weeks to two months.

UICC 2024 Technical Fellowships for Developing Countries
UICC 2024 Technical Fellowships for Developing Countries

The International Union Against Cancer (UICC) initially introduced this particular fellowship program in 1976 under the name International Cancer Research Technology Transfer awards (ICRETT), and it has been promoting knowledge exchange for over four decades.

Fellowship Objective

The primary goals of this application call are:

  • Enhancing the global exchange and advancement of technical expertise and competencies in various aspects of cancer control.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of individuals and their respective organizations by effectively applying and sharing the newly acquired skills upon their return.
  • Promoting the establishment of networks among cancer control professionals for the ongoing exchange of best practices, knowledge, and informal support, guidance, or training.


Length of Technical fellowship – Maximum funding available:

  • Two weeks – $2,200 USD
  • Three weeks – $2,800 USD
  • Four weeks – $3,400 USD
  • Five weeks – $4,000 USD
  • Six weeks – $4,600 USD
  • Seven weeks – $5,200 USD
  • Eight weeks – $5,800 USD

Eligibility Criteria

  • Professionals working in public health, such as epidemiologists, health educators, social workers, nutritionists, administrators, and other specialized roles in cancer control.
  • Cancer researchers engaged in translational, clinical, and/or implementation research.
  • Clinicians, nurses, and pathologists.
  • Applicants should have at least a Master’s degree, although qualified medical doctors without a higher degree may be considered if they hold or are close to acquiring board certification in a cancer-related specialty. Registered nurses with an RN qualification are also eligible.
  • A one-year training qualification in a cancer-related specialty, obtained after completing a university degree, can be considered equivalent to a Master’s degree. For instance, training as a cancer registrar.
  • All candidates must have a minimum of five years of experience working in the field of cancer.
  • Medical and PhD students are not eligible to apply.

How to Apply for UICC 2024 Technical Fellowships 

Are you Interested and qualified?Click on this link https://uicc.eu-1.smartsimple.eu/s_Login.jsp  to apply.

For more information,visit the official website of UICC .

Application Deadline

August 12, 2024.



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