Twitter Tag Search – Twitter hashtag – How to Use Twitter Tag Search

Twitter Tag Search – Twitter hashtag – How to Use Twitter Tag Search
Twitter is a popular social media that has been used as a medium for communication over the years. It is a social networking service that also allows users to get updates on whatever they like be it sports, entertainment, news, music and even celebrities all over the world. With Twitter, you get the chance to talk to your friends and families all over the world, send photos, links, videos and so many more. The good is news is that on twitter you can reach out to your celebrities and also get to talk to them, good news right?

Twitter Tag Search - Twitter hashtag - How to Use Twitter Tag Search

About Twitter Tag Search

Twitter ensures they come out outstanding and also at the top, they achieve their aim by bringing out new features that bring more users to own an account on this social media. Twitter tag search is a feature which has been useful over the years. This feature is great for marketing and updates as it makes it easy for you to find what you looking for an even more concerning the specific topic.

With millions of tweets daily, Twitter provides a massive amount of exciting content. In a simpler word, it means you need some extra help in searching for a specific thing. Twitter tag search is a great help, twitter tag search is also known as a Twitter hashtag. It is normally a keyword or phrase used as a topic or theme. It becomes a link which is clickable and when it is clicked, you will be directed to a page of the same feed. Before you can make a hashtag, you need to put the hash sign (#) before the phrase.

Searching for a hashtag is quite easy that can be done in a few minutes. The following are ways on how you can twitter tag search. Users are advised to follow the steps given below correctly to get an accurate result.

Steps on how to Use Twitter Tag Search

  • Open your twitter app or visit this link and enter your login details
  • Click on the search box at the top of the homepage
  • Enter the topic name with the (#) preceding it
  • Click on the search button which is the magnifying glass
  • Click on the “everything” option on the left pane of the next surface
  • View the results given to you.


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