Twitter Night Mode – Steps on How to Enable Twitter Night Mode

Twitter Night Mode – Steps on How to Enable Twitter Night Mode
Have ever heard about this feature of Twitter called Twitter night mode? Twitter which is one the most popular social communicating service all around the world has been on top by bringing out so many updates and features allowing users to enjoy every moment spent in it. Twitter is the place you would want to comment on sports, games, catch up with entertainment news, watch protest reveal all over the world. One of the amazing things of having a twitter account is that you don’t have to be a newscaster or a blogger before you can share information or tweet photos. You can be a reporter or anything you want to be on twitter. You can tweet videos, GIFs, links, photos and also text.

 Twitter Night Mode - Steps on How to Enable Twitter Night Mode

The good news about this social networking service is that it can be used to log in to other websites. In a simpler definition, you can login to other social media through your twitter account just by choosing to log in with your twitter account. Because it’s so general, the way you login differs depending on what you are doing exactly.

About Twitter Night Mode

Have you ever laid awake in the night, unable to go to sleep then you pick up your phone to get some interesting news or update on Twitter. Then unfortunately for you, your eyes begin to water due to the brightness of your phone screen when scrolling through your Twitter timeline. Twitter has been of good help as they brought out a feature called Twitter night mode. It allows users to get to use Twitter when they are in a dark environment. Twitter night mode tones down all of the bright shades that affect your eyes. Replacing them with a darker one that allows you to enjoy your experience with little light. This is automatically available saving you from stress. The following are steps on how to put on the twitter night mode.

Steps on How to Enable Twitter Night Mode

Users are advised to follow these steps carefully so as to get an accurate result.

  • Open your twitter app
  • Click on your profile image at the top left corner of the page
  • There is a night mode switch there
  • Click on it turn it on. To put it off, click on the switch also.


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