Twitter Hashtag – Hashtag on Twitter – Use Twitter Hashtag

Twitter Hashtag – Hashtag on Twitter – Use Twitter Hashtag
Twitter, one of the most popular social communicating service all around the world has been the head of so many other social networking services. By bringing out so many updates allowing users to enjoy every moment spent in it. Twitter is the perfect platform you would want to comment on sports, comment on games, catch up with entertainment news, watch protest reveal all over the world.

Twitter Hashtag - Hashtag on Twitter - Use Twitter Hashtag

One of the astonishing things of having a twitter account is that you don’t have to be a newscaster before you can share information or tweet photos. You can be a reporter or anything you want to be on twitter. You can tweet GIFs, links, videos, photos and also text.

About Twitter Hashtag

Twitter has so many features and twitter hashtag is one of them. After reading this content, you should be able to partake in the fun of twitter hashtag. Twitter hashtag is a phrase or keyword used to explain a theme or a topic. To create a hashtag you need to put the hash sign (#) before the phrase or word. Users are to note that they are not to use any punctuation or space. Even when you are using multiple words in a phrase e.g. #happysunday.

A twitter hashtag instantly becomes a clickable link when you tweet it. Anybody that views this hashtag can click on it and be brought to a page that includes the feed of all the most recent tweets that contain that particular hashtag. If you are still new to this feature. There is a probability you can make mistakes that is why we will guide you on how to go about this feature.

What Users are Advised to do when Using Twitter Hashtag

  • Avoid using so many hashtags in a single tweet; using so many hashtags leaves no room for your message, making it look scattered.
  • Use trending topics on Twitter to find a current hashtag
  • Use certain phrase hashtags to perfect a particular topic
  • Keep your hashtags relevant to what you are tweeting about.


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