Twitter Analytics – How to Use Twitter Analytics to Promote your Tweets

Twitter Analytics – How to Use Twitter Analytics Promote your Tweets
Twitter is a popular social media that has been used as a medium for communication over the years. It is a social networking service that also allows users to get updates on whatever they like be it sports, entertainment, news, music and even celebrities all over the world. With Twitter Analytics, you get the chance to talk to your friends and families all over the world, send photos, links, videos and so many more. The good is news is that on twitter you can reach out to your celebrities and also get to talk to them, good news right?

Twitter Analytics - How to Use Twitter Analytics to Promote your Tweets


Twitter ensures they come out outstanding and also at the top, they achieve their aim by bringing out new features that bring more users to own an account on this social media.  This feature Twitter analytics is a must for every business owners on Twitter. Twitter analytics allows you to understand how the content which you shared on Twitter grows your business. With twitter analytics, you can analyze your tweets and also understand your followers because every follower, photo, word, video may have an impact on your business. The following are ways on how to go about twitter analytics.

How to Use Twitter Analytics

  • Quickly promote your tweets; quick promote enables you to share your best tweets alongside a relevant audience. This can be done from your analytics dashboards, your mobile phone or your Twitter timeline.
  • Make better tweets; are you looking for new twitter strategies? Analyze your tweets and get customized tips that come with a free tool from Twitter ecosystem partner union metrics.
  • Measure your Twitter campaigns; with this, you can track your results, cost per results and impressions across all your different campaign objectives.
  • Online conversion tracking; when Twitter stops, conversion tracking picks up the job. You can gain an understanding of how to get more customers through Twitter and also learn how to set it up.

The following are where you can see Twitter Analytics

  • Twitter activity dashboard; you will find metrics for every one of your tweets. You will also get to know how many times Twitter users have seen, liked, replied and retweeted each tweet.
  • Account home; this is your Twitter report card with high-level statistics that is tracked month to month. Twitter will spotlight your top performing tweets and introduce you to the influencers in your network.
  • Audience insights dashboard; this includes important information about the people who follow you on twitter. With this, you can track your followers’ growth over time and also learn more about your followers’ demographics and interest.


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