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TStv – www.tstvafrica.com | Buy & Subscribe on TStv

TStv is an amazing fully and newly created Decoder. It is a fully owned and managed Nigerian innovative Pay TV Operator.It also comes with a fully polished offerings of novel Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription. There are some other subscriptions like;

TStv - www.tstvafrica.com | Buy & Subscribe on TStv

  • Complimentary internet service
  • Pause subscription
  • Video call
  • Also amazing TV channels

The thoughts of this offerings is to provide value added services to make a longing gap in the demands and also the satisfaction of all audience view.

Their objectives was to launch a Direct to home satellite that offers full equal connectivity.

The main value of TStv was to;

  • Make commitment to sustainability
  • Innovation and also Excellence
  • Also to do good for all stakeholders

TStv site 

TStv site is where you get to see the amazing features. And not just the features, you also get to know more about this newly amazing Decoder of all time.

To access the site you need to go through these procedures below;

  • First you open up your browser
  • Type in the url to the Decoder site
  • Which is www.tstvafrica.com then click enter
  • A new page pops out to your screen
  • Which is the homepage to the site

On that homepage you get to see some features. Try taking little of your time to access the homepage. So you can understand it better

Features of TStv

On this amazing site, you get to see and also learn more about the features. These features are;

Where to buy TStv

Want to know the closest  store around you. Well it’s just following these steps below;

  • Type in the url to the page
  • Which is www.tstvafrica.com/wheretobuy.php
  • Then click enter
  • A new page pops out to your screen
  • Fill in your country
  • Then your location area
  • Once you’ve done that
  • A list of stores would be shown on your screen
  • Go through it to be able to find the closest store around you


Selfcare service is more like getting registered on TStv. On Selfcare page you get to see some features like;

  • Pay Subscription
  • Fix a Problem
  • Instruction Videos
  • Contact Support
  • TStv Guide
  • TStv Channels
  • Trailers
  • TStv Installers
  • USSD/ SMS Commands

To visit the Selfcare page, just type in the url which is www.tstvafrica.com/selfcare and click enter.

Register on TStv

  • Launch any browser of your choice
  • Type in this url to the page
  • Which is www.tstvafrica.com/selfcare
  • A page pops to your screen
  • Then just at the top right corner of your screen
  • You would see Register
  • Click on Register

You would see some features based on it. All you need to do is just take few of your time to access the page properly.

Become a dealer on TStv

You can become a dealer on TStv. Sell Decoders to people and also advertise as well. With Selfcare, you can become a dealer.

TStv Dealers Portal

To become a Dealer, you have to sign into the portal. To sign into the Dealers Porta, you have to;

  • First launch your preferable browser
  • Type in the url to the page which is www.tstvafrica.com
  • Then click on enter
  • A new page pops out to your screen which is homepage
  • At the right top corner of the page
  • You would see Dealers Portal
  • Click on it
  • Then you would be directed to a new page
  • On that page you fill in your Username
  • Also your Password
  • Then click on Sign me in

You have successfully signed in

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