Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia

Apply for Canada’s Tourism Growth Program (TGP) to support small and medium-sized businesses, tourism organizations, and local communities in developing tourism products that showcase Canada as a preferred destination.

Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia
Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia

This strategic initiative focuses on fostering sustainable tourism projects that positively impact British Columbia, Canada’s economic and cultural aspects. This article provides detailed information on deadlines, benefits, eligibility, ineligibility, required documentation, and tips for a successful application.


Tourism Growth Program deadline: February 20, 2024. Check official guidelines for accurate details, and submit on time for consideration; late applications may not be accepted.

Funding Amount

Businesses meeting the criteria can seek interest-free repayable funding, with a maximum limit of $250,000, aimed at facilitating the expansion of their tourism operations. Projects aiming for 50% or less funding from PacifiCan will be prioritized. The duration of projects can vary, usually spanning from a few months to a couple of years. It’s important to note that all project activities and associated costs must be concluded by March 31, 2026.


The benefits of this grant are as follows:

  • Economic Stimulus: The program catalyzes economic growth by supporting tourism projects.
  • Community Empowerment: By nurturing sustainable tourism practices, the program empowers local communities.
  • Cultural Preservation: The program recognizes and promotes the significance of cultural heritage.
  • Enhanced Destination Appeal: Supported projects contribute to the overall appeal of British Columbia as a tourist destination…
  • Environmental Sustainability: The program emphasizes sustainability, encouraging projects that minimize environmental impact.
  • Diversification of Tourism Offerings: Supported initiatives often lead to a diverse range of tourism offerings.
  • Promotion of Small Businesses: Small businesses within the tourism sector receive valuable support through the program.
  • Positive Image Building: The program actively contributes to the positive image of British Columbia as a responsible and forward-thinking tourism destination.

Eligibility Criteria:

The criteria may be subject to updates, here’s a general overview based on common considerations:

  • Alignment with Program Objectives: Applicants should demonstrate a clear alignment between their proposed tourism projects and the objectives of the Tourism Growth Program.
  • Legal Compliance: Eligible entities must operate in compliance with relevant legal standards and regulations.
  • Sustainability Practices: The program typically favours projects that incorporate sustainable tourism practices.
  • Community Involvement: Eligible projects often demonstrate active engagement with local communities.
  • Feasibility and Achievability: Proposals must outline realistic and achievable goals.
  • Innovation and Uniqueness: The program may prioritize innovative and unique tourism projects that contribute to the diversification of offerings within British Columbia.
  • Track Record and Experience: Applicants with a proven track record in the tourism industry or related fields may receive favourable consideration.
  • Clear Project Proposal: Eligible proposals should be well-structured and clearly articulate the goals, strategies, and expected outcomes of the project.

Ineligibility Factors

Specific ineligibility factors for the Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia may vary and are subject to change, some common factors could typically include:

  • Non-tourism focus:

Projects that do not directly contribute to the growth and enhancement of the tourism sector may be ineligible.

  • Incomplete Applications:

Applications lacking required documentation or information may be considered ineligible for funding.

  • Non-Compliance with Guidelines:

Failure to adhere to the program’s guidelines and criteria may render an application ineligible.

  • Unsustainable Practices:

Projects not aligning with sustainable tourism practices or having a significant negative environmental impact may be ineligible.

  • Non-Business Entities:

Certain programs may be designed for businesses, and applications from non-business entities might be ineligible.

  • Failure to Meet Criteria:

Projects that do not meet specific criteria outlined by the program, such as economic impact, innovation, or regional development goals, may be ineligible.

Application Process

How to Apply for the Tourism Growth Program:

  • Application Period: The tourism growth program is accepting applications from November 20, 2023, at 9:00 AM PST until February 20, 2024, at noon (PST).
  • Review Guidelines: Thoroughly examine the Applicant Guide before starting your application. Download or bookmark the guide for easy reference during the application process.
  • Access Application Portal: Visit the official Tourism Growth Program website at [] to create and submit your application.

Documentation and Requirements

Application Requirements for PacifiCan Funding:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Financial Statements for the past two years (including the most current)
  • Interim Financial Statements (past six months)
  • Detailed Budget
  • Evidence of other funding sources (attach written confirmation). Funding is confirmed only with written proof. If “confirmed” funding is selected, attach confirmation for each source (maximum one attachment per confirmed funder).

Tips for Successful Applications:

These are tips to apply for a successful application:

  • Alignment with Program Objectives: Ensure your project aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the Tourism Growth Program. Clearly articulate how your initiative contributes to sustainable tourism and economic growth in British Columbia.
  • Clear and Concise Proposal: Craft a well-structured and concise project proposal. Clearly outline your goals, strategies, and anticipated outcomes. Emphasize the positive impact your project will have on the local tourism industry.
  • Demonstrate Sustainability: Showcase how your project integrates sustainable tourism practices. Highlight efforts to minimize environmental impact, engage local communities, and contribute to long-term economic and social benefits.
  • Community Engagement: If applicable, emphasize community engagement in your proposal. Projects that actively involve and benefit local communities are often viewed favourably.
  • Budget Transparency: Be transparent about your budget estimates. Clearly outline how the grant funds will achieve the project’s goals. The program evaluators appreciate a well-thought-out and realistic financial plan.


The Tourism Growth Program in British Columbia presents a valuable opportunity for those aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the province’s tourism industry.

Frequently asked questions

How can businesses benefit from the Tourism Growth Program?

Businesses can access funding and support to improve their tourism-related products, services, and infrastructure, ultimately contributing to the growth of the industry.

When should projects be finished?

Projects may have different timelines, usually lasting from a few months to a few years. All project activities and expenses must be concluded by March 31, 2026.

What reporting is needed throughout the project?

All approved recipients will enter into a standard Contribution Agreement with PacifiCan. This agreement specifies the responsibilities of the funding recipient, including providing claims details and regular progress reports (at least 2 per year).



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