The Best Phone to Buy for 2020: Some Top Smartphones to Use 2020

Thinking of “The Best Phone to Buy for 2020?” There are a lot of quality mobile phones to choose from with top amazing mind-blowing features. Due to the mobile competition, brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Google, and others are in the race of making quality mobile phones to put their name among the best-branded phone. Getting a mobile phone isn’t a difficult task as anyone can get any phone. But getting a quality featured mobile phone is what many see to be a difficult task. In my article, today, I will be listing out The Best Phone to Buy for 2020.

The Best Phone to Buy for 2020

The Best Phone to Buy for 2020

Apple’s branded iPhone and Samsung Galaxy brands are top choices for most users going in for a mobile phone. But not left out, there are other quality mobiles like the Motorola, and OnePlus which also sells great mobile phone handsets of their own with fast refresh rates, quality displays, and features like a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.

With these sales activities and users’ reviews coming up in other branded phones, competition became increasingly difficult for users to select the perfect mobile to get without any outstanding feature. In this article, I will be taking into consideration factors that include internal storage, camera quality, the inclusion of a headphone jack, wireless charging support, sim acceptance, and more.

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Best Budget Phone for 2020 – Apple iPhone SE

The latest iPhone SE is the best budget phone you can get right now starting at a price of about $399. It is a 2020 version, comes with an A13 processor which is the same as iPhone 11, and an amazing quality performance camera. It is a way more powerful than few other phones and the old-school iPhone fans will be appreciative of the return of TouchID and the home button.

Best Camera Priced – Google Pixel 4A

Lately, Google mobiles have a loyal following and with good reason. Not considering its high price, the Google Pixel 4A has a top-notch camera that takes brilliant quality photos. It is a 5.81inch phone that features a headphone jack, 128GB storage, and better battery life than the previous year’s Pixel 4. This device costs about $349.

Ultra-premium Android Experience – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra:

This device along with its smaller counterpart Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a pricey Android mobile phone with an expanded screen, and an embedded S Pen stylus, and 5G. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also has a triple rear camera array and operates in a high-powered Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and reverse wireless charging method. It comes in two versions; 128Gb or the 512Gb internal storage which is at different prices.

Flagship with Great Value – OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

This is a not well-known mobile phone. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro offers a premium user experience at a relatively more affordable price that other of it rivals and competitors. It is a more advanced Android mobile phone and OnePlus Pro has a 120Hz display and a telephoto camera. OnePlus 8 is more affordable and also has the 5G feature as well as a fast 90Hz display and same top-of-the-line processor.

Top of the line Android – Samsung Galaxy S20:

This is a Samsung 2020 model, it features a brilliant 6.2inch AMOLED display with an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, a reverse wireless charging, water resistivity design, and a three-rear camera in addition to its front camera. This is an amazing daily driver for Android users and you can go for the more-to-spend for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Ultra if you can afford it for a higher price.

Premium Motorola – Motorola Edge Plus

This device has pretty much everything Android users would hope for in a premium 5G mobile phone. It operates in a Snapdragon 865 chipset, has a giant long-lasting battery, comes with an OLED screen with a high refresh rate, and a multiple rear quality camera with heavy-duty specs. This device is contained in all other secs available to the top Android phones and puts more of its own Moto spin features on them. And build them all into one of the favorite Android phones of the year.

Best mid-tier Apple – Apple iPhone 11:

iPhone 11 which is an Apple-branded mobile is the best quality mobile phone starting with a cost of about $700. Comes with an excellent new Night Mode camera feature and an ultrawide-angle camera adds extra details in photo quality. Incudes a fantastic video quality also, but there is no headphone jack in it.

Quality Samsung at a Lower Price – Samsung Galaxy A51:

other than Samsung’s main series of S flagship phones, they also offer a cost-conscious A series of lines of mobile phones. The A51 is 2020 launched Samsung Galaxy mobile which costs about $399. There is a 5G variant of this same model that costs about $499. Both devices operate in four cameras, an in-screen fingerprint sensor reader, and expandable storage.

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