Temple Run 2 – Mobile Game app Review

Temple Run 2 free Mobile Game download on mobile devices
Temple run 2 is one of the first running games. On android OS. This game has a very nice hiding story that is focus on an ancient temple. And a character who dose the endless running. This character stole an idol from the temple and he is on the run with a very angry demon ape right behind him.

Temple Run 2 - Mobile Game app Review

It is an endless running game with an untold story. The main story behind this game has been keep a secret to everyone who plays it. Almost everyone who plays this game still don’t know that the character stole an idol.

Majority of android user’s at one point has this game on their mobile phone. Way back when it was first launched as Temple Run its still same rules with Temple Run 2. But it’s just that the graphics are more advanced and new characters where add on Temple Run 2.

Rules in Temple run 2

This game is available on both Android and IOS. It was said that majority of people who played this game became addictive and never stop playing. They have forgetting that it’s an endless running game. Players can earn money from the treasure they pick on their way.

But you have to keep running and avoiding all the obstacle along the way. In temple run one mistake put the game to end. Start the game bring you to a new running mode each run finishes when you a mistake and you get cough by the ape or fall off the temple. Then you have to start all over again.

Game Control in Temple run 2

This game was developed for mobile phones that are screen touch. (that doesn’t have buttons) Game controls are not visible unlike other game that has icons on the screen. But on Temple run 2 you have to swap up to jump up swap down to slide down. Shake our mobile device to the left or right to move. Your character you can pick up the con you see on the way.

The game has four characters Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. Guy dangerous is the only free character that you don’t need to unlock. You can unlock other character and upgrade their ability with the coins you pick up when running. This character looks great better than the first temple run character.

Temple run 2 is a game where by the more you run the more it gets faster. When you complete the game level objective to increase your reward you get free magic treasurers. When running such as Boost to increase your speed, shield to protect you whenever you make a mistake and coin magnet to automatically attract all coin to you. you can click here to download.


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