Switcher Studio – Download Switcher Studio App | Live Stream of Videos

Switcher Studio is an application designed and used for the streaming of live videos. This app really makes it easy and convenient for you to stream your live videos on social media networks, such as YouTube and even Facebook. It also gives you the chance to stream videos on platforms like Ustream and so much more! This app also has the ability to sync several smartphones in order to record and stream these videos. It grants users so many opportunities while they also get to enjoy amazing live broadcasts. So, if you have ever wished to have your own TV show or live channel, it is possible!

Switcher Studio - Download Switcher Studio App | Live Stream of Videos

Are you a business owner out there? Do you want to promote your business through live videos? Do you want to get to your customers, audience, and fans through live videos? It’s easy! This amazing app contains every service that involves streaming live videos. You can stream live, record and even do both.

Features of The Switcher Studio

This Switcher Studio contains few but powerful features that provide you with amazing services. With this app installed into your IOS device, you are sure to get on with your live videos, record live videos and engage in much more.

There is actually more to it. Let’s find out the amazing feature of this application.

  • You can create and set up videos, using photos and logos.
  • You are able to create videos from a phone’s camera roll and make use of templates to customize your video.
  • Make use of an IOS device’s screen or your MAC or PC, as a source of video for website, your presentations, calls and video clips.
  • You sync up to 9 IOS devices, and other cameras in order for you to enable your stream live experience.
  • Get started with streaming live videos, recording and even doing both!

This is amazing!

Pricing Terms

This streaming application gives out a large number of plans and offers for individuals, marketers, businesses, companies and more. The pricing for the services offered in this application starts at the cost of 29 dollars for each month. This applies to individuals and businesses who make use of this app. However, the plans and offers are prices based on the features used.

How to Access the Switcher Studio

Do you want to get on with this amazing application on your device? Then, here’s what you just need to do; get your Switcher account, start your free trial, and link your social account when asked to. From there, you also have to install the switcher app into your IOS device. Now, you can be able to link your cameras, choose streaming sites, add graphics, effects, and text, and create your very first broadcast and live stream.

In this app, you will get directions on how to get started.

How to Open A Switcher Studio Account

Having a Switcher account gives you the first access to getting started with the services offered on the switcher app. Let’s get on with your account right away.

Get on The Site

  • Get on the switcher site on switcherstudio.com.
  • At the right top side of the page, click on Log In.
  • However, you do not have an account. So, click on Create an Account. You will find this below the Log In button.

Create Your Account

  • Enter your email address.
  • Add a password for the account.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Start your free trial.

Verify Your Email

  • Now, the account has been opened, however, you need to verify the email to get started.
  • Get on your email to confirm your email address for the account.
  • In your email, you will find an option tagged as, please confirm your email by clicking on THIS LINK.
  • From there you will be directed to your account.

Here, you can proceed. Below the page, click on Skip Quick Start. On your account dashboard, you can be able to link your Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn account to this streaming service.

How to Download the Switcher Studio App

The Switcher Studio gives you access to creating your videos and sharing them on your social accounts that you have linked. Let’s get started.

  • On your IOS device, visit your App store.
  • On your app store, search for Switcher Studio.
  • Click on the “GET” button.
  • Proceed with the installation

Once the installation/download is done, open the app and get started. You will get directions to help you get started with your broadcast.

The Switcher Studio helps to build you and your business a better social life. You can make your videos with your IOS switcher account. You also edit while shooting your video, switch cameras, use photos and video, and so much more!


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