Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants on Education Program 2024 (Up to $50,000)

The Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants in Education initiative is designed to foster projects in the education sector that aim to enhance and innovate educational practices, with a budget cap of $50,000. These projects can span over one to five years. Applications for this program are accepted on a triannual basis.

Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants on Education Program 2024
Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants on Education Program 2024

Distinguished by its “field-initiated” nature, this program does not tie submissions to a predetermined theme or discipline; rather, it invites proposals that are spontaneous and unscripted. The objective is to back research that is stringent, intellectually bold, and methodologically robust, which addresses the most urgent questions and promising prospects in education. They are particularly interested in funding studies that can generate groundbreaking knowledge, potentially transforming and enriching educational discourse in the long term.

This program is geared towards empowering educators and researchers to explore, question, and innovate in ways that redefine the boundaries of educational excellence. By supporting research that breaks new ground, they aim to contribute to a richer. A more dynamic educational landscape, where learning is not only effective but also adaptable and continuously evolving. The Small Research Grants in Education initiative is a testament to their commitment. To advancing knowledge and enhancing the quality of education through cutting-edge research.


  • The allocated financial plans for this program are at a total amount of $50,000, and in accordance with Spencer’s policy, they exclude any charges for indirect costs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposals submitted to the Small Research Grants on Education program should exclusively target educational research. They should not encompass activities such as program assessments, professional growth, curriculum creation, educational scholarships, capital building, or software engineering projects. Research that does not center on educational topics is also beyond the scope of eligible proposals.
  • Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) for the Small Research Grant on Education must hold a doctoral degree from an academic discipline or a professional area, or demonstrate substantial expertise in a profession pertinent to education research. Graduate students can contribute to the research team but are not permitted to be designated as the PI or Co-PI for the proposal.
  • The PI is required to be associated with a non-profit organization or a public/governmental entity that can act as the managing body if the grant is bestowed. Direct grant allocation to individuals is not part of the Spencer Foundation’s policy. Suitable entities may include non-profit or public educational institutions like colleges, universities, school districts, and research centers, as well as other non-profit organizations recognized by the IRS with a 501(c)(3) status, or equivalent non-profit standing for organizations outside the U.S.
  • Applications are welcome from both the United States and international entities. However, all proposals must be composed in English and the budget must be presented in U.S. Dollars.

Review process

Panelists are required to assess and provide feedback on the various elements of your proposal, including:

  • Importance of the Project: Reviewers will assess how central education is to the research. The significance of the topic within its field, and the quality of the research question(s) and/or the direction of inquiry.
  • Link to Research and Theory: Reviewers will evaluate how well the proposal connects with existing research and theories on the subject. And how effectively it builds upon or responds to prior work in the field.
  • Research Design: Reviewers will assess the overall quality, complexity, and suitability of the research design. As well as how well it aligns with the research question(s) and conceptual framework.
  • Budget and Timeline: Reviewers will evaluate the adequacy of the budget and timeline proposed for the project.
  • Project Team: Reviewers will comment on the capacity of the investigator(s) to carry out the study. As outlined in the proposal and to share the results and other findings.

How To Apply for Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants 

The initiation of the application procedure is marked by the submission of a complete proposal. Negating the necessity for a preliminary intent to apply form. For those seeking a Small Research Grant in Education. The deadline for the submission of full proposals is 12:00pm Noon, adhering to central time, on the specified due date. This process directly commences with the full proposal phase. Bypassing any initial expression of interest, and applicants must ensure their comprehensive proposals are received by the outlined deadline in central time.

To Apply , click on this link https://spencer.smartsimple.us/s_Login.jsp

For additional information, visit the official website of the Spencer Foundation Small Research Grants on Education Program.

Application Deadline

September 11, 2024.



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