Simple Social icon – How to Install Simple Social icon on your WordPress

Simple Social icon – How to Install Simple Social icon on your WordPress
Simple social icon is very easy to use. It is just a way to display icons that will link visitors to your various social profiles. With this simple social icon, you can easily choose which profile you want it to link to. You can also customize the color and size it the way you want it to be. ou can also choose if you want it to be on your left-hand side or on your right-hand side. And the simple social icon is an open source that different people can contribute anytime they want to contribute.

Simple Social icon

How to Install Simple Social icon

To install the simple social icon is very easy if you follow the step given to you very carefully.

  • You will just have to upload the entire simple social icons folder to the wp-content plugin and then you activate the plugin through the plugin menu in WordPress.
  • And in your Widgets menu, you will just have to drag the widget ‘simple social icon’ into the widget area. And you will have to configure the widget by choosing a title, icon size, color and the URLs to your various social profile.

That all you have to do for the simple social icon

Simple Social icon Widget

With the simple social icons widget, is helps to play a very important role in their virtual activities. So you will be able to put your social links in real time. It can also change the appearance of a widget and have various kind of icons available. Which are, Facebook, twitter, youtube, Linkedin, Email, Dropbox, Pinterest, myspace, skype, SoundCloud, Vimeo, WordPress Google plus, Yahoo, Reddit, RSS, dig, Tumblr, delicious, Flickr, Amazon, bing, and share.

How to Install Simple Social icon Widget

This is very easy and straightforward. All you just have to do is to;

  • Login to your WordPress admin, then you will have to go to your plugin from your menu.
  • Then you click on Add new at the top of the page, after that you will have to click on upload from the list and then you choose the file
  • After you have chosen the file a window will open on your screen. Where you will now have to select the package and then you click on Install now.

Once you have finally installed it then you can enjoy using it for your WordPress account.

Simple Social Media

With the simple social media, it allows you to be able to add rounded social media icons to your WordPress page, post or your text widget.

Features of Simple Social Media

Simple social media has a lot of features you can use for your WordPress account.

  • With this you can choose your custom color for the icons to make them fit your theme.
  • It is also very simple to use.

How to Install Simple Social Media

You will just have to upload the plugin file, or you will have to install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Then you activate the plugin, and then you go to the admin panel. And then enter the URLs of your social media account into the input fields and choose any color for the icon.

After you have followed the steps very well then enjoy using every feature for your WordPress account.


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