Sandbox Fund 2024 for Independent Artists (Up to $50,000) – APPLY NOW

The Sandbox Fund 2024 welcomes applications from independent artists seeking to unravel the mysteries through innovative storytelling. It was administered by the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund in collaboration with Sandbox Films. This program offers a remarkable experience with the

Sandbox Fund 2024 for Independent Artists
Sandbox Fund 2024 for Independent Artists

availability of grants, engagement events, and unparalleled opportunities.


Sandbox Films is a non-profit documentary studio on a mission to illuminate the art and beauty of scientific inquiry. This collective celebrates the weird, messy, and brilliant essence of science, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between diverse viewpoints, industries, and personalities.

In a world where science is often seen as rigid, Sandbox Films embraces it for what it truly is: humankind’s unique way of navigating the complexities of our existence.

Grant Categories

All phases of project development, production, and post-production are supported by the fund. These are the average grant sizes:

  • Development (up to $25,000): The independent artists can secure support for the initial stages of their projects, with grants of up to $25,000.
  • Production and Post-Production (up to $50,000): For those progressing to production or post-production, the Sandbox Fund offers grant support of up to $50,000.

Who Can Apply?

The Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • The Sandbox Fund welcomes independent filmmakers from around the globe, regardless of prior experience.
  • First-time filmmakers are eligible, and there is no requirement for prior funding, fiscal sponsorship, or American producers.
  • The key focus is on feature-length documentaries (52 minutes or longer), including hybrid/animated and experimental documentaries.

Ineligible Projects

Candidates should note that the following types of projects are not supported by the fund:

  • Fiction films
  • Short films
  • Series
  • NGO films
  • advocacy films
  • Educational films
  • Branded content and
  • Virtual Reality (VR) projects.

How to Apply for Sandbox Fund 2024

To Apply for Sandbox Fund 2024, interested artists must submit their applications through the Sandbox Fund application portal at

The Fund operates on a biannual schedule, with application windows in winter and summer.

For more information, please visit Sundance Institute via the link below

Selection Criteria

The Sandbox Fund places a premium on creative narrative techniques and projects that amplify diversity in science.

Projects featuring characters, topics, or disciplines that redefine the conventional understanding of scientists and science itself are highly valued.

The emphasis on diversity reflects the fund’s commitment to broadening perspectives within the scientific community.

Application Deadline

The deadline for Sandbox Fund 2024 applications is 5 February 2024.


In the field of independent filmmaking, the Sandbox Fund 2024 is a golden opportunity that provides financial support, collaboration, and a platform for artists to redefine the boundaries of science and culture.



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