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SaferVPN – Fast, Secure & Affordable VPN Service | SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN – Fast, Secure & Affordable VPN Service | SaferVPN Review SaferVPN is an Israel-based VPN service provider that claims to be faster and simpler than other VPN service. It has an eye-candy design and provides all the needed information. It offers all of the key benefits we’ve come to expect from a reputable paid VPN: better privacy, improved security, with average prices and a good selection of OpenVPN clients, the service is an okay choice for beginners who wants above-average security. which means, SaferVPN’s limited quantity of servers and deceptive privacy policy means advanced users may want to look elsewhere.and the ability to unblock content on the web. One of the more fascinating facts is that Chrome extension is also available as an option. Go on and try it yourself for free or read further to find out what other benefits we’ve discovered.                                                                    SaferVPN - Fast, Secure & Affordable VPN Service | SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN is a great choice for majority of users. It has a well designed UI and its both in web and desktop/mobile applications. It seems that the company really thought through the whole experience of using the product from the first website visit to a pleasantly surprising free trial for such a well developed product. The basic plan allows you to connect simultaneously a maximum of two devices. And if you want more than that on , then you’ll need a premium plan, which allows up to five devices. Other than the max number of devices that you can have connected at the same time. There are no differences between the basic and premium plans at all. The premium plan costs $12.98 for a single month while he one- and two-year plans reduce the price to $9.99 and $5.42 per month, respectively.

SaferVPN Features and Performance

SaferVPN gives rooms for unlimited downloads, uploads, and as much bandwidth as its servers can dole out.but Torrenting is only allowed on the Netherlands server. While piracy isn’t legal in the Netherlands, this is because the country is known for being more lenient to P2P filesharers. An internet kill switch is always built into both the desktop and mobile apps. With the setting toggled on, if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly for any reason, all internet traffic drops until the connection is re-established.

SaferVPN Desktop Application

The SaferVPN desktop application is a well-designed, simple, and largely non-intrusive application. Once your account is created on the website (which requires only an email and a password), the service automatically creates a login for you which will let you access the application. The Windows application is equally professional. Just a simple simple ‘select a location, then click connect. The interface of SaferVPN means that even the total novices will be up and running the right way. But there are also lots of advantages for more experienced users. These includes a Favourites system, and a quick search (type NE to see only Netherlands and New Zealand). There are status details including IP address and connected time. Protocol selection and automatic connections when you access an insecure network. And also VPN kill switch is built into the SaverVPN apps is the automatic wifi security. And with this enabled on SaferVPN, any time you are connected to an unsecured wifi network. The SaferVPN app detects automatically that the network is not secure and connects to the VPN. It’s a handy bonus, especially if you’re forgetful or lazy about opening up and connecting through the VPN app each time you connect to the wifi in an open spot. But note that you need to have the app operating on your desktop, at least in the system tray, for this to work.

SaferVPN Performance

A chrome extension is also available for users who wants a quick way to unblock a website in their browser. note that the browser extensions and browser plug-ins cannot be full-featured VPNs due to the limitations of the web browsers, instead what you get is HTTPS proxy. For many purposes, it will do the same thing as a VPN but only for your browser traffic. It doesn’t protect your torrenting traffic, for instance. It’s a nice extra, but we recommend connecting through the native app in order to maximize privacy amd security. When you are searching for a VPN, the speed is a very important factor if you want your streaming services to work very well and without the annoying buffering and also your browsing experience to be so smooth. Moreover, it is known generally that Internet speed drops when using a VPN. So it’s important to find a VPN that still offers good speed even when using VPN services. So you should always keep it in mind that the closer locations provides better speed and latency. When we were online, in our tests, the performance was generally very good. The UK-UK download speeds were a little low but at 20Mbps (overloaded servers). But nearby European servers gave us 30Mbps as which was a minimum. And the US speeds ranged from 30Mbps on the East Coast to 15-20Mbps on the West. And even Australia and Singapore connections gave us 12-20Mbps. It the only server which was averaged below 10Mbps was Thailand (a lethargic 5Mbps, but we would prefer that to no Thai server at all).

SaferVPN Customer Service

We used the Zendesk live chat on the SaferVPN’s website to ask different questions about the service during the test period. In some cases, it asked for our account’s email address, and other times it did not. Either way, it support replied almost instantly with helpful answers. Although some were clearly copy and pasted from a response book. It could be that they use chat bots in some certain instances, but we’re not certain. Responses came fast on every question we put forth. A searchable knowledge base is also available on their website, but it’s not as thorough as we have seen from the rival competitors. SaferVPN has a standard sets of customer support options and these are:an article center, a FAQ page and a live chat support also. The article center differentiates technical pieces of information from intro type of articles. And it can be said that both categories are exceptionally well covered. Live chat is also integrated into the overall experience of SaferVPN website. After spending several minutes in a certain page, live chat support in window pops up. The service also supports several routers that can route your whole connection through the SaferVPN. This is a good option for advanced users, the prices. However, are pretty expensive so it would depend on how necessary it is for you to have all of your devices hooked up to the VPN.

How to get SaferVPN

It becomes more easier to browse and stay private online when you have your own personal SaverVPN with no stress. The costs are very much affordable and comfortable for users. Here, some steps are listed below on how to get the SaverVPN.

  • Open a web browser on your mobile or phone and tap the address (preferrable google chrome).
  • Type in the VPN’s website which is safervpn.com
  • The page loads and displays the official website of the vpn

Note: Make sure your data connection is turned on make sure you have unlimited data otherwise the pages refuses to open and you ownt be able to purchase your VPN.

  • Click on “GET NOW” in the green box by the top right corner of the screen
  • another page loads after you click that and you are to select a plan that suites you
  • when you select a plan it immediately tells you to input your email address
  • Your Pricing method which includes your credit card, checkout with paypal, bitcoin or other, you’re to select one of these options
  • If you choose credit card, you will need to provide the names on your card, your address, your city, country, postal Code, state/province and your card details then you click join now.

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