SafeMoon Listed – Where Can I Buy SafeMoon

Speaking of SafeMoon Listed, the Safemoon Coin was launched and listed on the 8th of March 2021. After the launch of the coin, it rewarded those that invested early in it. The returns in total were over 20000%. However, the price was dropped by 70% (seventy percent). As a result of this, a lot of investors are looking forward to buying this coin.

SafeMoon Listed

SafeMoon Listed

If you are planning to invest on the coin, then you need to know how you can purchase it. Upon completion of this article, you are going to learn just how you can buy the SafeMoon coin. If you wish to invest, you should hurry now as the coin has a supply limit of 1,000,000,000,000,000.

Where Can I Buy SafeMoon

Below are the guides for you to successfully buy the SafeMoon coin. You should follow them accordingly to avoid making mistakes.

  • Get your smartphone and connect it to the internet.
  • Once done, visit the play store or app store.
  • Make use of the search bar to search for Trust Wallet and install the app.
  • When you find the app, install the app using the regular procedures for installing an app.
  • Once done, open the app and create a software wallet then navigate to the BNB.
  • Now tap on the “Buy BNB” button and enter the amount you wish to buy in USD.
  • Click on the “Next” button and complete the transaction.
  • Go back to your wallet homepage and tap on “BNB”.
  • Click “More” and then on “Swap to Smart Chain”.
  • Under the “Swap”, tap on anywhere within the BNB “You Pay” space. Select 100% to transfer a hundred percent of your BNB to smart Chain.
  • Finally, Click on Swap and hit “Submit”

This is the first step in buying SafeMoon.

Convert BNB to SafeMoon

Below is how to convert the BNB you bought earlier to SafeMoon.

  • Open the Trust Wallet app.
  • Tap on DApps
  • On the DApps section, find pancake swap and tap on it
  • Tap the “Select a currency” button and paste the address “0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3” without quotes in the search bar
  • Enter the amount of FEG you wish to buy and the amount will reflect in BNB
  • Finally, click on the “swap” button and complete the transaction. Note that charges are involved.

Once done, go back and check your wallet. You should find just the amount you purchased in your wallet. More research can be done on Google.

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