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Torrentz – Reasons Why Torrentz.eu was Shutdown

Torrentz was a Finland-based meta search engine for Bit Torrent that was being run by an individual known as Flippy. Torrentz from various major Torrent websites, and also offers compilations of different trackers per Torrent that were not necessarily in the default. It can also be used to download movies and also extract them. when a tracker was also down, other trackers could not do the work of a torrent file. It was the second most popular torrent websites in the year 2012 and also in 2015.

Torrentz - Reasons Why Torrentz.eu was Shutdown

History of Torrentz                                                                   

In the year November 2008, scammers were using fake papers which are being tried to take over torrentz.com. As the result of Backup, this site administrator was being set up in the domain of Torrentz.eu became the particular site default domain. This is because of this domain names was being seizures and was also being carried out by the US authorities on various torrent websites. In 2013, Paramount Pictures were being sent a DMCA claim to be Google to remove Torrentz from the homepage and two other pages from the search engine. Torrentz counter claimed on this request saying the links do not infringe any copyright policy.

In the year August 2016, A few weeks later. The website was shut down, and an unofficial clone of Torrentz – Torrentz2.eu – was being launched that initially indexed 60 million torrents. In August, another unofficial clone – torrentzeu.to – was launched that initially indexed 30 million torrents. This particular article is a comparison of most of the popular Bit Torrent websites. These sites typically was being contained with multiple torrent files and also an index of those files.

Usage of Torrentz

The user interface was minimal and also simple. It also consists of two basic blocks. A user menu and also a search panel. Users were not actually required to register before searching the particular file. The search field was an autocomplete-enabled, and also suggestions which is being based on popular searches that matches the recent typed keywords.

Torrentz.eu was just a nice meta-search engine for every users. It is a search engine you will always love to use at anytime when it was still active,  it combine lot of result from other search engine.

Companies; Bit Torrent, Inc. Vuze, Inc.

People; Eric Klinker Bram Cohen Ashwin Navin Ross Cohen

Technology; broad catching Distributed hash tables DNA index Peer exchange Local Peer Discovery Protocol encryption Super-seeding Tracker Torrent file µTP I2P Glossary

Usage share; bit Torrent (original client) BitComet Bit Lord Bit Spirit Bit Tornado Deluge FrostWire K Torrent lib torrent (library) LimeWire Miro MLDonkey Bit torrent Torrent Shareaza Tixati Transmission Tribler µTorrent Vuze (formerly Azureus) Xunlei

Tracker software(comparison); the open tracker Peer Tracker Torrent Pier XBT Tracker

Search engines (comparison); 1337x BT Digg Burnbit Demonoid isoHunt Rarbg The Pirate Bay yourBittorrent

Defunct websites; BT Junkie d2 EZTV Kickass Torrents Loki Torrent Oink’s Pink Palace Mininova Suprnova.org t411 Torrent Spy Torrentz What.CD You Torrent Extra Torrent

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