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Putlocker – www.putlocker.ch | Watch Movies Online Free

Putlocker is an online streaming website where you can get access to entertainment media file, such as movies and TV Series or TV Shows. It is also known as an online file hosting web site. Put locker has been long existing and has really satisfy it users with all it wonderful services.

Putlocker - www.putlocker.ch | Watch Movies Online Free

Putlocker is among the best and also one of the most popular website when it comes to watching movies online (streaming). There has been lot of upgrades and updates over the years. Although the site has been going through some ups and down, but they are till able to satisfy users with all updates they have.

Putlocker has got through so many changes over the years back. And it url has also gone through so many changes also. The url for this online streaming web site was formerly known as www.putlocker.com and was later changed to www.putlocker.bz which you will be directed to another page which is www.putlocker.ch

About Putlocker Home Page

The home page of this online streaming web site, contain some Categories of Movies and TV Shows. It is not just a platform were users can only stream their favorite movies or TV Shows. They can also download any movie of their choice if they want to. Movies or TV Shows on this online web site are free for downloading. It has lot of movies and TV Shows stored and uploaded on its data base on regular bases.

With the categories of features on it services you are sure of easy access to stream and also watch all your movie and TV Shows offline. Categories of feature on Putlocker are;

  • Featured
  • New movies
  • TV Shows
  • Genres
  • Year of released
  • A-Z List of Movies

These categories of features will give you easy access to locate whatever you are looking for on this site. It also have a search bar were you can search for movies or TV Shows you want to stream or download.

Putlocker New Movies

You are always guarantee of streaming new movies on this web site. New movies are newly released and updated movies or TV Shows. New movies on this platform are broken into two sections which are; “Added Yesterday” and “Add today”. Movies that are uploaded today on this online streaming platform fall under add today section. Why movies that are uploaded yesterday falls under Added yesterday section. This is to say that movies are been uploaded to this web site on a daily bases.

One category you would always love to click through is it Genre, Which contain all the various categories of movies on www.putlocker.ch Categories of movies on this streaming web site are; Adventure, Action, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Family, Drama, Fantasy, History,  Musical, Mystery, Horror, Romance, Short, Sci-Fi, Sport, War, Thriller, Western. With these categories of Movies you can be able to easily locate were the movie you want to stream or watch offline falls on.

If you also want to locate movie on Put locker so fast, you can use the A-Z List tab. On this tab movies are arranged alphabetically. So all you need to locate movie or search for movie from the A-Z tab is the first letter of the movies you want watch or streaming online.

How to Watch Putlocker Movies Online 

Most time people find it very difficult to watch movies online from this website. This is it, movies on this web site are very easy to watch, only if you can follow the simple step below.

  1. Locate any web browser on your device, either PC or Mobile device and open it
  2. Enter the urlwww.putlocker.ch on the search bar of the web browser you open. Click enter and wait for the next page to load.
  3. The next page load is the home page of Put locker. To quickly search for the movie you want watch online, you just need to enter the name of the movies on the search bar and click “Search Now”
  4. The next page will bring out your search result, which come with the movie you want to download and other related movie.
  5. Click on the one you want to stream or watch to proceed to the next page.
  6. The next page will display to you different option of version you can stream the movie from
  7. Click on any of the version that suit you, to proceed to the page were you can streaming the movie.

Note; put locker will always notify about the quality of movie available for that particular movie you want to stream.

How to Watch TV Shows on www.putlocker.ch

  1. Launch any web browser on you internet connected device.
  2. Enter the url www.putlocker.com on the search bare of the browser you launched
  3. A new page will pop out, which is the home page, click on TV Show at the top of the home page to navigate to the next page.
  4. The next page will display to options of TV Shows on it home page, you can search for the TV Show you want to watch using the search.
  5. Click on the TV Show you want to watch online once you found it. A new page will load up, on that new page, all season the season together with the episode of the TV Shows will display to you. Click on the episode you want to watch online under the season it falls on to proceed to the next page.
  6. Select the version you want to stream the movie from and click on “Play Video” and you will be directed to the page where you can start watching the TV Shows.

www.putlocker.ch is just one online streaming website you will always love to visit for movies watching or streaming movies

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