Pro Evolution Soccer | PES Released Versions Reviews

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a football video game Developed and Published by Konami. This particular game ‘’PES’’ is the earliest International Superstar Soccer series. PES comes out every year, the game is mostly released  around late September and early October with two different titles They are: World Soccer and Winning Eleven in Japan and also in Asia especially in ‘’Indonesia’’ and The game is located in North America, Europe and Indonesia.

Pro Evolution Soccer | PES Released Versions Reviews

The Japanese Version is also a localized that is the Fixtures are in Local leagues. As a result of ‘’EA Sports’’ to purchased exclusive rights for FIFA series. This game has histories lacked in the sheers volume of licenses that is being present in EA’s Sports. With the most available absences which is called ‘’Premier League’’ and ‘’Bundesliga’’. Teams, Players and Names may be inaccurate.

Christiano Ronaldo was the face of ‘’PES’’ in the year 2008, 2012 and also 2013.  And was replace in the year ‘’2015’’ by Mario Gotze. And was also replaced by Neymar junior and Alvaro Morata. In the year December 2011, it was been localized 19 words and was known in 62 countries in the year  2012. The series has been sold for more than 81.65 million Copies and the whole world. Which makes it one of the best Video game in Franchises.

The Versions of Pro Evolution Soccer  (PES) from 2009                       

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009; was filled with old transfers and also some Teams like Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Everton and so many more are not posted, Old Stadium and even New Updates.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010; this year ‘’2010’’ Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) are filled with some Trophies and Metals with a little bit increase of Clubs and Countries. Editing is also being upgraded for New Fixtures and basic transfers for 2010.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011; this year soccer ‘’2011’’ is being processed and having more latest Fixtures and New Kits for their various Clubs. Clubs and Countries, and also getting Prizes and Trophies, Even the Clubs has their own latest players that being transferred to their various Clubs.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012; this year Soccer ‘’2012’’ Deals with various assists from Trademarks and BluRay. And it has upgrades that is being given Online to upgrade your Soccer to 2012 latest Transfers, Stadiums and Teams.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2013; Pro Evolution Soccer ‘’2013’’ has more Recent Fixtures, Soundtracks and Clubs like Bayern Munich and some other Clubs in some leagues. But their names and logos are in Old Version.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014; the transfers are recently posted with various Stadiums like Old Trafford, Sandford Bridge and Others with latest Edits and Transfers for the year 2014 with Exclusive Soundtracks that Motivates.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2015

In the year ‘’2015’’. Pro Evolution Soccer ‘’PES 2015’’ is being upgraded to a High Version. And was given License for various Clubs and training skills are been currently applied with some latest names of Clubs that is being called like Man Blue (OLD) _ Manchester City (NEW) and St Red (OLD)_ Stoke City (NEW).

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016; Pro Evolution Soccer ‘’2016’’ this year Soccer is amazing, the players, Teams and Transfers are being Advanced. Much Trophies, Prizes and Metals to be given with latest transfers and with different Soundtracks and ways to Edit.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2017; 2016/2017 Konami Digital Entertainment are being published by Konami Digital Entertainment BV. Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment Co. LTD and also all rights are being reserved.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)2018

It is going to be released Early October 2017. With New Updated transfers, Fixtures and Edits. With advanced Graphics and Real Pitch’s, weather changes from time to time during Playing Soccer. Various Coaches in a various Clubs, New Trophies and Prizes to achieve and all rights are being approved with a particular license for the game ‘’PES 2018’’ with latest Soundtracks

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