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Plagiarism Checker – How to use Plagiarism on smallseotools.com

Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that can help you go through thousands of documents. It also find matches even if only few words are found in length.  Getting Plagiarism  has become as easy as detecting Google information.

Plagiarism Checker - How to use Plagiarism on smallseotools.com

What Plagiarism Checker all about?

Currently, technology has been seen both as a miracle and a curse when it comes to Plagiarism . Undoubted, it has become far easier to find the required documents and also get a copy of it.

The definition of Plagiarism  is actually straightforward. Whenever you make use of someone else’s work without adding credits to them. They would see it as stealing their property or more like piracy. The only problem is that they are not aware of what they are really doing

Through Plagiarism Checker tool you can detect pirated copies or sentences on your content. You can also prevent being accused of piracy through Plagiarism Checker.

Why is Plagiarism Checker Important?

Asking yourself why this tool is Important? Wondering what you really need this tool for?  Well yes it is. Plagiarism Checker is important because;

  • It helps detect pirated copies
  • It gives easy access to writing your content
  • Plagiarism Checker gives 100% uniqueness
  • And so much more

How to use Plagiarism Checker

Want to give the tool a try? Try seeing your content uniqueness with this tool. All you have to do is;

  • Open up your browser
  • Type in the url which is smallseotools.com
  • Then click on enter
  • Then you go back to your contents
  • Copy the contents
  • Then go back to the page on your browser
  • You would see a box meant for your content
  • Paste your content
  • Then click on Check Plagiarism
  • Wait a little for it to load

Note that this may take a while. Patience is required when it comes to this stage. You may also be asked to verify your humanity with the reCAPTCHA sign.

  • Then check out the uniqueness, once it’s done loading

Understanding the results of copy-righted contents on Plagiarism Checker

Once you’ve dropped your article or content and it’s done testing. You’ll also be given an actual percentage that gives you how unique and original your article or content is.

The sentences displayed in red is to prove that it is already used by someone online. It also proves that it won’t pass Google plagiarism tests.

So all you have to do is correct the sentence to make it unique and also to avoid Google threats.

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