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Payoneer Virtual Card – Apply for Payoneer Virtual Card

Payoneer Virtual Card

Have you heard of the Payoneer Virtual Card? Payoneer has gradually become one important part of the lives of so many people out there, which serves as one of the best payment platforms with which users make and receive payments from other users without having to carry cash around using the Payoneer Virtual Card. They are very useful and helpful and also indispensable for the operations involving money online, this operation could include buying items, products, and services.

Payoneer Virtual Card - Apply for Payoneer Virtual Card

Now the issue of online frauds and scammers are all over the place and it has affected so many users, including users on the Payoneer platform who make use of their Payoneer MasterCard Debit cards, but a debit card that can offer more security has been designed; the virtual card. What exactly is this virtual card? It is just like any normal credit or debit card, but the only difference if that this card is not tangible – not physically existing. This card was introduced in order to reduce the high rate of online insecurity and fraudsters.

Advantages of a Payoneer Virtual Card

This virtual card has been the preferred choice of so many companies and users out there. the convenience and easy to use feature have made it the best choice for its users. These virtual cards function just like every normal debit card even if they do not physically exist. They are used for online purchases and over the mobile phone. They have so many advantages, but I will be listing just a few.

  • Your virtual card is not linked to your bank account – these cards are prepaid, and so they are not attached to any credit system or any loan. You only spend what you charge.
  • Linked to safe and secured online platforms – there are imposed safety measures to help cover your, thus preventing the abuse of your card.
  • Globally accepted – these cards can be used at any Point of Sale terminal when the MasterCard is usually accepted.
  • .it is fully accessible 24 hours of the day and the 7 days of the week – whenever you want!

You should get started with this card to enjoy other amazing benefits!

How to Apply for a Payoneer Virtual Card

This Payoneer Virtual Card is only open for select Payoneer mass payout enterprises. So, for you to check if your Payoneer mass payout enterprise provides the option for the use of the Payoneer Virtual Card, you have to log into your account with the payout enterprise and check if the virtual card is among the accepted payment methods.

How to Activate Your Payoneer Virtual Card

to activate your virtual card:

  • Log into your Payoneer account on www.payoneer.com.
  • Click on “settings” and click on “card management”.
  • Find the virtual card requiring activation and click on “Activate”.
  • Follow the instruction given to you on the page in order to complete the activation process.

Note: if you should ever forget your virtual card details, in the “card management” section, click on “activated virtual card” and on the right pane, click on “Retrieve card details”.

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