One World Media Climate & Labour Film Grant 2024 (Up to £20k Funding)

One World Media Climate & Labour Film Grant are in search of a seasoned filmmaker, enthusiastic about delving into the impact of climate change on lifestyles and occupations in the southern hemisphere through the lens of a short documentary. The aim is to spotlight fresh viewpoints, narratives, and voices concerning climate transformation, with a particular emphasis on the economic shift.

One World Media Climate & Labour Film Grant 2024
One World Media Climate & Labour Film Grant 2024

Via Pulitzer’s Work/Environment initiative, journalists have embarked on a mission to chronicle the hazards of escalating temperatures for laborers, both outdoors and in industrial settings.

In recent years, correspondents have traversed India, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uruguay, Paraguay, and South Africa to record the repercussions of extreme climatic conditions on some of the globe’s most disadvantaged workers, often highlighting women who shoulder the responsibilities of household leadership.

They advocate for stories that elucidate the interrelatedness of enterprise, climate, and consumer decisions. Their curiosity extends to comprehending both the workforce and corporations, and they hold a high regard for reports that hold entities accountable.


The filmmaker who achieves success will be bestowed with an array of rewarding opportunities:

  • Financial Support: A budget of up to £20,000 will be allocated for the production of their film.
  • Executive Guidance: A dedicated executive will be assigned to oversee the documentary and provide production assistance.
  • Platform Exposure: The completed film will be commissioned by the Financial Times and will be accessible without charge on their digital platform.
  • Widespread Promotion: The film will receive international publicity from the three collaborating partners, complemented by organized screenings.
  • Networking Privileges: The filmmaker will gain entry into the OWM global alumni network, connecting them with a community of peers.
  • Mentorship: A seasoned industry mentor will be provided to offer guidance and support throughout their career journey.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the position, you must demonstrate the following:

  • At least five years of proven track record in documentary filmmaking. Please provide us with links to your latest projects, any broadcast acknowledgements. Or evidence of festival screenings where your work has been showcased.
  • Supply testimonials or endorsements from a previous commissioner or executive producer you have worked with.
  • Submit a concise pitch, no longer than three minutes, either in video format (filmed on a phone or with professional equipment) or as an audio recording, outlining the concept for your proposed documentary.
  • Accompany your pitch with a written summary of your idea. Along with a detailed financial plan or budget to illustrate your project’s financial scope.
  • If your documentary hinges on securing specific access or involves following a particular individual or subject. You should inform us of the progress you’ve made in these negotiations.

How To Apply

In order to submit your application, you’ll be required to furnish the following:

  • Endorsements from Prior Collaborators: You should provide references from a former commissioner. Or executive who can vouch for your professional capabilities.
  • Project Pitch Presentation: Prepare a brief pitch, not exceeding 3 minutes. Which can be in video format filmed using your phone or an audio recording, to articulate your concept.
  • Concept Summary and Financial Plan:Submit a written outline of your idea. Accompanied by a detailed budget that breaks down the financial aspects of your project.
  • Progress on Specific Requirements: If your film project hinges on securing specific access or focusing on a particular individual or subject. Demonstrate the current status of negotiations or discussions related to these critical elements.

To commence your application, click on this link

For additional information, visit the official website of One World Media Climate & Labour Film Grant  .

Application Deadline

September 1, 2024.



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