Nvidia is Currently worth More Than Alphabet and Amazon

Nvidia is currently worth more than Alphabet and Amazon. Nvidia’s lead in the AI chip race has now made it the fourth most valuable firm in the globe.

Nvidia is Currently Worth More Than Amazon

Nvidia is Currently Worth More Than Amazon

On Wednesday, Nvidia achieved a significant milestone by surpassing Alphabet in market capitalization, just a day after overtaking Amazon. According to Bloomberg, the chip maker’s stock is now valued at $1.83 trillion, narrowly edging out Google’s parent company, which holds a market cap of $1.82 trillion.

This positions Nvidia as the world’s fourth most valuable company following the AI boom, trailing behind Microsoft ($3.04 trillion), Apple ($2.84 trillion), and Saudi Aramco. Notably, Nvidia is currently producing the H100 chip, which powers a majority of Large Language Models (LLMs) in use today, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and numerous AI projects from industry giants like Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon.

AI Chip Arms Global Race

Amidst an AI chip arms race among the world’s largest tech companies, each aims to develop its own GPU chip to challenge Nvidia’s virtual monopoly. Ironically, Nvidia’s substantial sales of AI chips predominantly come from these same companies. Despite this competition, Nvidia is on the verge of releasing an advanced AI chip, the H200, boasting greater memory capacity and bandwidth compared to its predecessor.

Nvidia Has Allocated $30 Billion toward a Dedicated Unit

Earlier reports from Reuters suggested that Nvidia has allocated $30 billion toward a dedicated unit aimed at assisting other companies in producing their custom AI chips. This means that even if companies choose to manufacture their own AI chips, Nvidia could still benefit from the endeavor.

Intel and AMD are Actively Developing Their Own Chips

Meanwhile, direct rivals such as Intel and AMD are actively developing their own formidable chips that could potentially rival Nvidia’s H200.



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