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Nokia 8 Review – Why Nokia 8 is One of the Best Looking Phones

The comeback of Nokia is the most exciting story in 2017, and now its first range of device seems to be very complete, with the launching of the new Nokia 8. Nokia 8 is a flagship phone with major components and features that are apparently a match for the best that Samsung, LG and HTC can gather.

Nokia 8 Review - Why Nokia 8 is One of the Best Looking Phones

The Nokia 8 has a dual-sensor rear shooter that can capture ‘bokeh’ images with an atrractive blur background and it uses a RGB and monochrome sensor in tandem for better low light photography. The camera is made in partnership with Zeiss, although it’s nt really clear with the input German lens specialist. A lot of features have been squeezed into the Nokia 8 in order to make it one of the phones with the best cameras on the camera.

Nokia 8 Design

Nokia was renowned for its unique hardware design and best build quality way before Apple came on the scene, and that is the reason that the Nokia 8 will probably be inspect above rivals.

The Nokia 8 is good enough for the most part. It’s a typical slab of aluminium and glass, with curved edges and fine plastic antennas on the top and bottom edges. There is also a little raised aluminium rim around its dusl-camera, and you find recessed and non-clickly home button/fingerprint sensor below the display.

Why Nokia 8 is One of the Best Looking Phones on Market

Nokia 8 is also one of the best looking phones on the market so far, Metal uni-body has made its way to the phone’s body and it is available in four different colors with pretty looks. Its vibrant 5.3-inch QHD display that’s bright and looks extraordinary. The Nokia 8’s design is one of the key element, and it’s one of the most beautiful phones in the Nokia company. The are steel and cool blue colors, but both of these have a matt finish and looks like a bit dull when they put next to the shiny copper and blue options.

The body of the Nokia 8 is slim, its 7.9mm at its thickest point, but the edges curves down and that makes it sit comfortably in the hand.

When its in hand, its weighs 160g and the screen size is 5.3 inches. The CPU is Snapdragon 835 and has RAM of 4GB and storage of 64GB. It came with a rear camera of 13MP + 13MP and front camera of 13Mp also. This phone came with 5.3 inch screen for the satisfaction of those with smaller hands. It’s an LCD panel which also ha a QHD resolution and 700 nitss of brightness that’s high for a smartphone and this mean your phone is viewable even in the glaring sunlight.

Nokia 8 Screen

With the small screen of the phone, video even looks beautiful. Nokia is yet to reveal if any virtual functionality is planned for the Nokia 8. Antenna bands are noticeable at top and bottom of the phone to try give you a better signal when you hold d phone. There is a fingerprint scanner below the screen and this sits between the two navigation buttons and it has been made an easy-to-reach position to tap to unlock the device. We found it quickly at unlocking the phone from just a single tap, quite small though,so you really need to make sure you place your thumb or finger precisely.

But its kind of sad that the Nokia 8 isn’t water proof like the iphone 7 or Samsung 8 but we are happy that it’s splash-resistant at IP54 and this means that you will be able  use it in the rain without having to worries about the flooding the internals.

Nokia 8 performance

There are completely no complaints with the Nokia 8’s  performance or specs. It comes furnished with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, which is the go-to processor for 2017 flagship phones.

The Nokia 8 is super-fast yet energy-efficient SoC that can handle anything you throw at it with complete ease, and which does not suffer for the extra pixels of a QHD display. Backed up by 4GB of RAM, and missing a hefty custom skin, everything moves fluidly on the Nokia 8.

The phone doesn’t get too hot when the user is running high-end tasks besides, the energy-efficient Snapdragon 835 CPU, this like to be a cooling pip with a graphite shield.

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