New Generation Europe Foundation Academy Fellowship 2024-2025 (Stipend of £2,365 Available)

In collaboration with the New Generation Europe Foundation, the Academy aims to host a fellow for 10 months spanning from October 2024 to July 2025. This opportunity is available to Russian citizens interested in collaborating with the Russia and Eurasia Programme. The programme allows individuals in the early-to-mid stages of their careers to spend ten months at Chatham House, engaging with a research program while enhancing their leadership skills and expanding their thematic knowledge.

New Generation Europe Foundation Academy Fellowship

Academy Fellows represent diverse professional backgrounds, including government, research, academia, civil society, and journalism, among others. They typically find themselves at a juncture in their careers where they are enthusiastic about leveraging evidence-based approaches to address significant global challenges. These fellows are often recognized as experts in their respective fields and exhibit exceptional potential as emerging leaders within their countries, regions, or even on an international scale.”

Russia and Eurasia Programme

Fellows are strongly encouraged to align their proposals with Chatham House’s overarching mission, values, and objectives. They should ensure that their research projects correspond to the focus areas of the listed research programmes and aim to directly contribute to the following topics:

  • What impacts will Russia’s war on Ukraine have on the Russian state, political elites, and society?
  • How might the war influence key systemic forces within Russia and potentially shape the succession to Putin?
  • How will the war affect the regime’s domestic and foreign policy capacities?
  • What implications does the war have on Russia’s regional unity?
  • Considering a post-war, decarbonizing world, what prospects does the future Russian economy hold?
  • How can Russians collaborate on developing a policy vision for a more effectively governed Russia that maintains peaceful relations with both itself and its neighboring countries?
  • Can the exiled, non-systemic opposition play a constructive role in instigating change and/or governing a prospective Russia?


  • Academy Fellows are provided with a monthly stipend of £2,365 to cover living expenses in London, including accommodation, utilities, food, transport, and other essential costs.
  • Moreover, the Academy will manage reasonable expenses related to:
  • Relocation (such as flights, train fares to/from the UK, three nights’ accommodation, visas, extra luggage, etc.)
  • Payment of the UK’s Immigration Healthcare Surcharge for access to the UK National Health Service (Note: dental and optical treatments and prescribed medicines may require additional payment)
  • Research, outreach, and dissemination expenditures (fieldwork, travel, conferences, publications, roundtable discussions, events, etc.)

Furthermore, Fellows participate in the Academy Leadership Programme, where they can access:

  • Workshops, seminars, and events
  • Media training
  • Career Coaching
  • Writing assistance
  • Networking prospects, including interactions with Chatham House staff, the Academy’s faculty, and alumni
  • Membership to Chatham House upon successful completion of the fellowship

Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate will:

  • Meet the nationality requirements (available to Russian citizens seeking to collaborate with the Russia and Eurasia Programme; applications are also welcome from individuals with dual nationality that includes Russian citizenship)
  • Possess relevant background experience, including a track record in the field of the proposed research, as evidenced by a CV
  • Have prior experience in conducting independent research and hold at least an undergraduate/postgraduate-level qualification (or possess equivalent professional training or experience in a related field)
  • Demonstrate proven leadership skills or potential
  • Exhibit dedication to Chatham House’s mission, objectives, and values, and a commitment to identifying evidence-based solutions to critical global challenges
  • Articulate how the fellowship will empower them to make a positive impact, aligning with Chatham House’s mission and the overarching purpose of Academy Fellowships (as described above)
  • Display enthusiasm for participating in the fellowship, meeting all its requirements, and fully leveraging the networks, events, and opportunities provided by Chatham House
  • Showcase proficiency in spoken English.

How To Apply

To be a part of this  fellowship, click on this link

For more information, visit the official website of New Generation Europe Foundation Academy.  

Application Deadline

July 15, 2024.

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