MX Player: How to Download The MX Player For Free

Looking for an app to play media files well MX Player is just for you. Most of us different video players on our devices to get the best experience from watching movies. It’s a one-stop app for some of the best Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Music Videos, Short Videos, and songs.

MX Player is very popular and it has been around for a long time. It provides amazing features such as subtitle gesture control and panning during a video.

MX Player

MX Player

The MX player is simply one of the best. Most android phone comes with a video player that has nothing to write home about.

So, if you looking for a good video player check out the player. The Player offers allows you to access the menu option whenever you are playing or watching a movie, modify subtitles, look for help on the app and you can even click on the folder icon to find other content you might want to view.

It gives you amazing features that make your viewing experience mind-blowing.

How to Download MX Player

Since your Android device comes with a crappy video player you will need to download an external video player. Downloading the player for your device literally easy. You can download MX Player from their official website, the Google play store, and other online app stores.

Feature of MX Player

Here are some features that make using the player for your android the best.

  • Playback features. You can use this application to play almost any video file you throw at it. Even more excitingly if your device has a decently good hardware processing speed, you can even play full HD videos using this player. Just make sure you are using a high memory card.
  • Subtitle support. This player provides a way for your videos to have subtitles. You can manually browse for a subtitle file in your memory card and link it to the video or download it online.
  • Audio boost. Your video tracks are not very audible. This player allows you to boost your video or audio volume. But make sure not to do it often so as not to destroy your device speakers.
  • Network streams. This application is not limited to the local files you have in your phone’s memory, but you can also play network streams.
  • Playback speed.
  • Switching audio track.
  • Multiple decoding modes.
  • You can adjust volume, forward video with gestures.
  • Easy user interface.
  • File management.
  • Multiple themes.
  • Kids lock.

These are just some features of the MX player.

How to Unhide and Hide Videos in MX Player

If you are a user of this application you will know that it shows all your videos including Whatsapp videos and GIFs.

How to Hide Videos

If would like to hide your videos the steps are listed below;

  • Rename the file.
  • Open MX player settings
  • On the setting, the page unchecks the option that says show all hidden files and folders.

How to Unhide Videos

Just as you can hide your videos you can also unhide them, the steps are below;

  • Tap on the menu on the MX player.
  • Select Settings, select list, and scroll down.
  • On the scan section, enable the options that say show hidden files and folder.

Even if a video has an extra character in its name it will be displayed here. You can get more details about the MX player here.


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