Mobile Movies Download for Free – Top Sites to Download Movies for Free

Mobile Movies Download for Free: Not all movie lovers can afford the luxury of watching movies in Cinemas or pay for streaming services to watch their favorite movies. Well, there is already a way to go about that as you can now watch movies for free on your mobile devices.

Mobile Movies Download for Free

You don’t only get to watch movies for free using this method but you can also download and save these movies on your devices and watch them anytime and any number of times you would like to watch them.

If you are going to a place where you know the network reception will not be good enough for you to stream any movie you want, you can easily download the movie on your mobile device and watch it later.

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Mobile Movies Download for Free  

In this article, we will be giving you some sites and services that allow you to download movies for free on your mobile device. Below are some of the sites to download movies for free on your mobile device.

Top Sites to Download Movies for Free


1337x is a well-known torrent website that allows you to download movies of suitable resolutions for your mobile device for free. To download movies from 1337x you must already have a BitTorrent app installed on your mobile device. Click here to go to 1337x.


YouTube is a very popular service where you can get almost any kind of video you are looking for. What most people don’t know is that they can download movies from YouTube to watch later. To download movies from YouTube you will need a video downloader tool, we recommend you use Dumpmedia video downloader.


You might have heard of vidmate but you probably didn’t know it can be used for this purpose. Vidmate allows you to download the latest and hottest movies on your mobile device. Vidmate also has an application that has a very simple interface and helps its users navigate through the app easily. Click here to visit Vidmate.

My Download Tube

My download tube is quite different from the sites listed above. This site allows you to download more than just movies as games are also available on this site and for those that would love to download movies on their PC, you can use my download tube. Click here to go to My Download Tube.

DivX Crawler

DivX Crawler is another movie download site that offers you a different resolution that will be suitable for your phone screen. Click here to go to DivX Crawler.

HD Mp4 Mania

HD Mp4 mania is a very user-friendly website with a very wide range of categories and genres of movies all available in different resolutions. Click here to go to HD Mp4 Mania.

House Movie

House movie is another site that allows you to download not only on your mobile device but also on your PC. Movies, TV Shows, and a lot more are available on House Movie. Click here to go to House Movie.

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Fz Movies

Fz Movies is another one of those mobile device friendly websites where you can find literally any kind of movie you are looking for and in very good resolutions. Click here to visit Fz Movies.

Mobile Movies

The purpose of this site is to serve mobile users. On this site, mobile users can easily download any movie of their choice as the site has a very easy to navigate interface. Click here to go to Mobile Movies.

AVI Mobile Movies

AVI Mobile Movies allows you to download your favorite movies in AVI format. A different genre of movies can be found on this site. Click here to Visit Mobile Movies.

The sites listed above are the top 10 websites to download movies of different genres and qualities for free on your mobile device.



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